Friday 8 March 2002 // 0424 EST

Seeing: Air fare to florida

Hearing: Underworld -- Shudder/King of Snake

Touching: Tachi

Tasting: Stewart's Key Lime soda and other fun picnic foods


I was this close to killing several people today. I got to class 20 minutes late for my Physics class, so I just didn't go...I would have rather just missed it than show up a half hour late to an hour-fifteen minute class. I didn't want to go anyway. I managed to make it through Human Sexuality, which was fun, even though we watched the videotape of a live birth and everything...which was more than frightening...but I was really close to physically getting up and killing two different people in my class...I was about to take my pen and jump over the seats screaming while I jabbed it in his eye...that would have been fun. Then, knowing that Philosophy of Science was going to bore me to tears, I walked really slowly past the Parking Garage where my car was parked, looking desperately for excuses not to go to class. I found my boy Art and stopped him, asking if maybe he wanted to get some lunch or something, but he was on his way to a physics exam. He wished me well, and at that moment my cell rang...Katie was calling to see what I was up to and to say that it was a beautiful day outside and that we should go picnicing or something. So suffice to say it was easy to blow off the rest of my day to go play. I hopped in my car, went up to it, and drove back to Columbia. Katie and I met up, we got some subs from this awesome little deli next to her apartment, some sodas, and headed over to Lake Elkhorn to sit at a picnic bench, absorb some sunshine, and eat a little lunch. It was nice. After that we hit a TCBY and got some yogurt, and I took Katie home-she was getting pretty sleepy, and as tempting as it was to curl up with her, I was sleepy too and wanted my own bed. I slipped home, wrote campus parking a nasty letter about a parking ticket that some guy had written for me even after I left the meter he was sitting at(can you BELIEVE THAT?! I got in my car and drove away, and he wrote the ticket anyway so I didn't know I had one until it was overdue! What an ASSHOLE!), and slipped into bed for a while. I slept for a few hours, got up and called Katie to chat with her, since she wanted me to call when I woke up, and well...she was still sleeping. She managed to wake up and call me, but I let her go back to sleep. I, however, managed to chill out for the rest of the night, relax, have some fun, and prep for Plastic Bohemia tomorrow, assuming I make it down there, heh.

Aside from that, I put up a relatively nasty away message this morning because I didn't want anyone bothering me, but well...yeah, that didn't work very well. People bothered me anyway. And it's never the people who are cool enough to bother me and me not mind, it's always the people who I would probably never start a conversation with, the people who want to talk about themselves and something relatively pithy about themselves, or the people I just don't want to talk to...I was sitting in a computer lab this morning before Human Sexuality, and people kept IMing me saying things like "your away message sounds angry, are you angry?" Now I totally understand that some people might care about me, but honestly....some people's kids...when someone says "I'm not feeling well, leave me alone," you don't get up in their face and say "are you not feeling well? do you want me to leave you alone? cause i can, you know." Yeah. Morons. Some people are only alive because it's illegal for me to put them down like sick animals.

They need to get the turntables back in the other recording studio over at WMUC. It's been almost a month since they were stolen, and I know we have the replacements now, I think it's about time they got installed so I can get back to bringing in guest DJs and whatnot, and most importantly, so I can practice. I'm about to go to florida for the Winter Music Conference, perhaps Ultra4, the beach and sunshine, and my old friend Andrea's wedding...which is actually the big reason I'm headed down there..I'm flying this time rather than road-tripping...last year was fun and all, but I want to do it right this time, meaning hotel rooms, places to sleep that aren't the floor in someone's closet, a place to live that has food and I'm not allergic to everything, a decent rental car, people who don't shaft me on every monetary aspect of the trip...::giggle:: okay, I'm being silly-I had an awesome time last year, but there's no reason to not look onwards and upwards for this trip. It'll be awesome, and I can spend a lot longer down there this year than last, and if we're not road-tripping, then it'll probably be so much easier on me to travel this way....::sigh:: I'm really looking forward to this, if I can afford it, heh. I don't want to spend all my turntable money on this trip, ya know. ;)

Katie says she might be spending her computer money on this trip...hmm..I might have to find some computer hookups for her-shouldn't be too hard to get some parts and build her a system that'll beat out the one she's got now that shouldn't take much money...we'll see. In the meantime, I can't keep my eyes off the prize, to be honest-I'm trying pretty hard to save money for tables, and look for a decent job for after graduation, something that'll let me build up a little money during that time I don't have to pay rent in the townhouse I'm moving into, but I suppose with all that comes thinking about the move in parents are all psyched about this and I'm tripping over boxes in my own'll only be a matter of time before I have to pack up all of my things too and put them into storage until I actually move into Rob's place, then I can get them all out and set them up....sheesh, this is going to be one hell of an adventure...I'm not specifically looking forward to the displacement period, but I know it's coming and it'll be an adventure. I have the choice to stay with good friends, mostly the people I'll be living with after graduation, and have always-on high-speed internet while I'm there, sleeping on the couch and walking to class, or I could live in Phil and Ilya and Camille and Lauren's house, have my own room, and MAYBE high-speed internet...maybe if I can help them get their house wired for high-speed internet it'll be more appealing to move in, heh. We'll see. In the meantime, I just want to think about this trip and paying for should be fun.

Anyway, it's early, and even though I managed to get some sleep earlier this evening, I'd better hit it and get some more before the show this afternoon. Peace and love, kids-take care of yourselves, and stay in touch.