Thursday 8 August 2001 // 1625 EST

Seeing: Too many newsgroups...

Hearing: Supergroove -- Ibiza Sun

Touching: Warm sheets

Tasting: Homemade cinnamon buns

The other night I was running around in the middle of the night, I crept out of the house at something like 330AM. The night air in columbia reeked of something like dead flesh, but it could have just been the fog and humid air, or maybe roadkill on the way, or maybe it always smells that bad at that time of night after you're ready to go to sleep. I left my parents a note and decided to run out for a while, but I would have loved to go to sleep that night instead. But I didn't get the sleep I wanted. At least it was a Friday night. I think. I wound up hanging out with some people I hadn't met but were really nice, and eventually making a trip to a Denny's in Laurel that was or wasn't really a good idea-I ate some cheese fries that were lacking on the cheese, and everyone paid me back for what they ate and I put that money in the bank, which was nice and all. But I think the things I remember most about that night were the blaring horrid music in the guy's car we were driving with, and how stuffy and stifling the car was, how I couldn't breathe and was hoping with every passing second to be where we needed to be so I could get out and breathe real air again...I swear I should have driven. But even with the annoyances of that night and how I didn't really feel like going in the first place, or even leaving my house that night, I had a good time meeting people I hadn't met and being social in an environment I had never been in before. It's been so long since I've done something like that that I was almost afraid I had lost my social skills, lost the ability to hit it off well with people I had never met or never seen before...luckily I haven't lost that touch. It makes me reminisce of the days when Lauren and I would head over to Legends and play pool and eat french fries and nachos, and it makes me want to do those things again, it makes me miss being horrible at pool, but not bad enough that I don't get the occassional awesome shot in and it makes me feel good, to be with some people and hang out and have a good time doing something chill and fun, that isn't necessarily not doing anything at all. It makes me think that I can get out if I really want to.

Last night I didn't do anything, sat at home, probably because my car was gone all day getting it's AC as fixed as it was going to be...without a new compressor, which is what I think I'll need, but no way in hell I'll spend 600 dollars on a part I've managed to live the summer to this point without. It won't be hot enough from here on in to justify it, and hey-I'll be okay, I like driving with the windows down anyway. In the meantime, I'll be looking around for a new car stereo...anyone know anyplace I can buy one and get cheap installation? If I'm going to be commuting to school every day, I'll need some real jams, I think I've mentioned this before.

The night before I saw True Lies for the first time, and to be honest, I don't think it was nearly as bad as everyone said it was-I mean, Arnold wasn't that horrible in it, except for that one line, "You're fired," I mean honestly, but other than that I thought it was entertaining, and no, I never thought Jamie Lee Curtis could be attractive, but she was in that movie. And I got crispy chicken nuggets that night, they were yummy. Speaking of which, I need to hit a taco bell sometime, it's cheaper than food!

I love to drive, I think I should just mention that-I think I should do it more often. Hopefully not in rush hour traffic. I love open drives with loud music and good friends that aren't too loud to concentrate. And I need to stop at nice places on the roadside and look at the sky and have a midnight picnic..I also love to cook, it's something I really think I should do more of...there's a kind of magic about taking something inedible and making it not only edible but into something amazing, something that's an experience for the person eating it, or something beautiful...all together I love to cook, and I'll have the opportunity to in a few days....yeah, that's right, my parents are going back out of town, they'll need me to drive them to the airport at what promises to be all kinds of early in the morning, and they'll probably need me to pick them up too, but it'll be nice to have the house to myself for a while, even if I'll be a tad lonely...not that it's really an issue, hell, I lived alone at college the past few years, what's this gonna be? And yes, I do regret not being able to live on campus or in my own place this year, but some things I suppose you just have to take in stride and deal with. In a year, I'll be living in my own place, with or without a roomie, and we'll just see how that goes....I don't want to get ahead of myself or anything. Right now I have a Style Sheets class in about 15 minutes, and it's really hot outside.

That's about all that's really on my mind right now.