Saturday 9 August 2002 // 1056 EDT

Seeing: Glossy Black computer case

Hearing: Kylie Minouge - Love At First Sight

Touching: 13 copies of Mac OS X 10.1 upgrade

Tasting: Dad's gumbo


Sitting in the car today groovin to that Kylie Minouge track-it's amazingly disco-housey, so much that I love it and am even thinking about tryign to find the record to add to my collection. I know, I know, someone smack me. In the meantime, things are looking up-I'll probably have my turntables by the end of the month, and then I can practice as often as I like and start buying records again. But first I have to shell out the money for my tables and everything, and set it all up downstairs-I already have a place carved out for them, I'm really happy about it. So the goods will be mine by the end of the month. Just keeping the cats off of it all will be the hard part, heh.

So I took the past couple of days off of werk to make myself a little vacation, but I'm in to werk today to remind myself of how much I dislike it...or like it...or to just make money-I think it's a little from all of the categories. In the end, today being bagel day made it all worthwhile.

But in the past few days I've managed to get more stuff accomplished than I could possible imagine-I mean Wednesday I went out to Home Depot and bought glossy black and aluminum spraypaint for my computer case(I was tired of the bland beige case) and spraypainted my computer black outside-it got cold that night so it took a little longer to dry, but I'll tell you once i brought it in, it's gorgeous and the only thing I'm waiting on now is my brand new Nvidia GeForce4 TI 4200 to come in the mail so I can install it and finish putting my beautiful new computer back together. Of course there'll be other hardware updates for it in the future, but we'll just have to wait until I have more expendable income for those. I cleaned up the house a bit, and played some Shadow Hearts which is a particularly fun and playful RPG-something to get me into the genre, which takes a lot, to be honest-the combat and characters are fun and amusing, and the game makes me want to keep playing it, and that's saying a lot. The GameSpy review is behind that link I posted. Read it, it's a fun game, a nice timekiller and relaxer.

Aside from that, Rob and I managed to loot their old house in Severna Park for some more goodies and toys, and we're in the process of making ourselves a Linux bitch out of my old Dell that we can play around on and both learn Linux. We got some of the parts we needed, and scrounged around the house in the meantime finding an array of other things that we may or may not really need, but we'll clean p after ourselves soon enough. The living room right now is awash with comptuer equipment and screws and tools, and I, for one, love it. I'd like to see it cleaned up, and that'll probably be this weekend. Wednesday we did all kinds of running around, including over to Target to grab this cool Phoenix shirt that they had on sale over there. I'll have to wear it next time I spin out.

Rob and I had quite a time on Wednesday, running from here to there doing a whole bunch of things-Severna Park to Columbia to College Park and back again, it was a fun day. Yesterday I woke up with specific goals in mind, and thank god I got them all accomplished-I woke up, took a shower, made something to eat, put some stuff up on eBay to sell(w00t!), cleaned the bathroom upstairs hardcore(i owned that bitch-that bathroom is slo clean you could eat off the floor! or off the freshly bleached and washed bathroom mats, hehe), then settled in front of my computer for a hardcore session of learnin with my new Teach Yourself Dreamweaver book I got from Borders on Wednesday. The Atlas of CyberSpace book I picked up at the same time is still at my desk at home though. I am planning on reading both...we have such a library of computer books and the like, I really think they're worth reading-so much knowledge right at my fingertips that'll make me oh so marketable...

Anyways, after my little powwow with DreamWeaver MX, I shut it off, stepped away from the computer, enjoyed the nice weather outdoors, and eventually ended the night with some Shadow Hearts and well deserved rest. It's been a good week so far, I've been hanging in there and doing pretty well. Probably the happiest and most content I've been in a while, especially since I've had the chance to change things around a bit, focus on my own synchronicity, and make some goals for myself-like working in the backyard and making it into an arena of sorts that Rob and I can work out in, and cleaning the place up so it's not a horrible wreck downstairs. As soon as Amy moves out, the house is going to undergo some seriously drastic changes, and I'm welcoming all of them with open arms...only about a half month now...

In the meantime, I have a lot of things I need to get done and more energy with which to do them, and you know what? It's friday, the weekend's begun, and to be honest, I'm not going to let the things that are around that so badly want to bring me down do it-the strife in the arguments I've had with uneducated people over educated topics, the silly discussions where I think we're all agreeing over the same thing but arguing over how to say it, I'm not going to let the strife work it's way into my soul, I have to rise above that. Maybe I should meditate.

Only a week left here at Absolute Quality, then I move back to OIT at UMCP. I wonder how the training will go down there. Should be fun. More importantly, I wonder when I'll get my first paycheck, heh. In the meantime, I think I'll manage to get through today without too much effort, then it's the weekend, and I might go visit mom and dad tomorrow or sunday-we'll see how that works out-gotta make sure I get everything done I need to, you know.

Unfortunately, the Microwave lunches I bought at the grocery store last week are in Pennsylvania with my parents right now. No matter-it's the weekend and the possibilities are endless. In the meantime, I'll go back to tracking my FedEx Shipment and hope it gets here in time for me to play with it over the weekend. ::rubs hands together eagerly::

So much to do, so much energy, only 24 hours in a day.