Thursday 12 July 2001 // 1240 EST

Seeing: Neo-Egyptian painting and architecture

Hearing: Chicane feat. Maire Brennan -- Saltwater

Touching: Cushy movie seats

Tasting: White Cheddar Popcorn(can you believe I went through a whole bag in two nights?)

Definitely a low energy day. I can't really figure out why, but maybe it's because I have this unique habit of going to bed somewhere in the vicinity of 5AM and weaking up for werk at 11. I mean, don't get me wrong, werking 6 hours a day and getting paid well for it isn't anything worth complaining about, but I really should learn to get to bed at a reasonable time if I'm going to get up for werk and actually function like a normal person...I'm usually fine once I get there and get logged on to a werkstation, but after that, it's just downhill. I mean, it's not stressful usually, it's just that between this and traffic on the way home, I tend to get really drained, so much that I want to do nothing but sleep as soon as I get home...I wind up eating something, going upstairs to play a little counterstrike, and napping for a little bit. I don't really mind the napping, to be honest, but I am kind of disturbed at my family-I mean honestly, last night I went out and it was about 930PM and the house is completely dark, my parents in bed, and I'm up running around trying to find some decent clothes to put on to go out that just seems so horribly wrong...I'm used to living in the high-rises, where people's classes aren't even over by 930 in some cases, people are up and running around and doing things all night...if I wanted to find someone awake to talk to at something like 3AM, then it wasn't a problem at all...I don't know how I'm going to deal with living at home for these next few academic year and whatnot...I mean, to be honest, I don't mind living at home, it's comfortable and the food is free and there's always good company, but let's be honest, no matter how old you are and how independant you are and how free you think you are, your parents will always try and parent you, and in my case, your mother will always treat you like you're 12 and can't think for yourself. ::grin::

Last night I saw the Final Fantasy movie. I can't tell you how blown away I was. I mean, honestly, it was fabulous...the graphics and animations were so good it's really hard to really was a fabulous piece of werk like everyone said it was going to be...and it was more than just special effects, too-the storyline was interesting and intricate, the characters were well developed and designed and the acting was really started to care about the characters and the fate of the world...and you really got to thinking about the storyline and how things would turn out. I was dubious for a while, thinking that the ending might not have been what I thought it would, but it was pretty good anyway-I thought it was a fun movie, I might consider seeing it again, this time maybe with some popcorn. ;) But ultimately-it was a really good movie, the ending was a little iffy, like I was warned, but it was overall a very good movie and I won't say bad things about it, I liked it a lot. They really came up with a unique idea for a storyline this time, actually-I haven't seen anything like it or even heard anything like it, I mean, I was initially worried about it; from the very beginning I was like "okay, post apocolyptic world, check...attractive female star, check," but it really surprised me, took me for a spin or two. I was thinking about the plot, and if such a thing could ever possibly happen in real life, and if it did, exactly how it would go in a world like ours-I mean, in the movie, thanks to this one scientist, they discovered this kind of energy that flows through all living things, that you can harness and use for a whole assortment of things, to power ships, protect people, power weapons, everything...I wonder if we have anyone in our world cunning enough to think of such a thing, or to come up with such radical theories...and then I think of the events that must have happened prior to the events at the beginning of the movie(which in themselves could probably make a whole movie in themselves), and how many people had to die before humanity realized that there was this invisible threat lurking through the world, stealing the energy(the soul? it looked like it. ;) )from must be a horrifying experience dying that way, and even worse when for what seems to be no apparent reason people start dying around you and you can't seem to hide anywhere...::shudder:: but then again, it's just a movie, and I have an overactive imagination. It was really good especially for an opening night, and the crowd in the theatre was nice and well behaved too-rowdy and talkative at the beginning and end, made fun of just the right spots, and quiet during most of the movie....just how I like em. Too bad the rest of the kids I went to the movie with weren't as cool as some of the spectators...sheesh-it's been a while since I've met a group of people, to put it nicely. I guess I haven't really had a "circle" of friends in a while that I felt like I needed to impress or something, so I just don't bother anymore when I feel like people are being stuck up or exclusive, I just walk away. It werks better, trust me. I wouldn't mind more close friends to hang out with on a regular basis though, I mean, all of my friends are so far removed from each other it's hard to bring them together all the time, most of my close ones don't really know each other all that well.

But I went to Muvico to see it, that new 24 screen theatre that's attached to Arundel Mills's all done in grand egyptian style, with heiroglyphs on the walls that mean nothing, and the whole place is painted inside and out to look very ancient egyptian...I was more than amused by the whole place, since it was done with really high cielings, all trying to look very scared me sometimes that the painted cracks on the walls sometimes looked like real ones..I actually gave in to temptation a few times and went and touched them just to see if they were for real...heh..imagine my surprise when my eyes said that the wall was cracked and my fingers said the wall was smooth.

By the way, I really want to see Jurassic Park III. It'll prolly suck, but I want to see it anyway. I wonder if Michael Chrichton wrote the script or idea for it...or even if it's based on a book he wrote or an idea he had...who knows. But hey, it's a Jurassic Park movie, and they're going back to the island, it looks like it'll be a fun ride.

I suppose I should get out and do something fun. Girl is off werk tomorrow, so I might consider skipping out and chilling with her, doing nothing than just relaxing, but she says she's doing major housecleaning stuff to do, so I might just come to werk and chill out...maybe I'll actually get some sleep tonight, who knows if I can drag myself the less than one foot from my chair, facing my computer, to my bed. Hey, all I have to do is swivel the chair around, right?

I was shopping for a new monitor, and I got a Dell catalog in the mail yesterday, and I was kind of confused, because it looked like I could buy a 17 inch monitor for 50 bucks...and a 19 inch monitor for 160. Too good to be true? Probably, I haven't called to verify with Dell yet on the information in their catalog, but to be honest that's not really's more likely that if you want a monitor added to your purchase, you can add it for that much money. Still in the market for a good 19inch monitor though, if anyone's got one. Oooh-I should get on Diana about whether or not she wants to buy the one I'm trying to sell. That and my old Zip100, I should try and sell that..I should get something tidy for it when I throw in all my ZipDiscs. Ooh-speaking of tech stuff, I'm thinking of rewerking Millennium Winter so it's more of a weblog-I mean, pretty much all it serves is to be a diary and stuff, so I could make the opening page kind of a destination selector along WITH my thoughts being on it...hmm...the things that come to you when you're falling asleep at night.

Last night, I'm driving home from Girl's apartment like I do almost every night, and I see deer on the side of the road. Lots of them. I saw them when taking her home, too, but I saw them on the way back to my place too-lately it seems that Md. Rt. 175 is suddenly a deer breeding ground...they're everywhere. But at least from what I see, they're smart enough to stay out of the road, but I think that the road is long and straight helps some too. They really are beautiful, sometimes I wish I could just stop and pet one, but I know they'd either destroy me or run away. With my luck, destruction would be in order.

I was thinking of cutting out of werk early today, but instead I think I'll go to Hornbake and scan the pictures that I wanted to scan-even though Girl really doesn't want her pictures on the net, I think I might put some of them up anyway-I don't have any pictures of her up, and I really want to-and I don't care how much she thinks so or how pissed she'll be at me, she's not unattractive at all. To be honest, I'm a little tired of having nothing but old pictures up...I have pictures from Florida, I have pictures from Starscape, I have pictures from Ultra(in florida), I have pictures of eMily before and after she cut her you never know, it could be fun to scan them all and put them up. Heh...on the other hand, I am tired, so I might just go home early and sleep, and tell myself that the first night that I manage to get to bed at a decent time and rest enough for the day ahead, and the first day that I feel truly rested, I'll go and scan the pictures...nothing like a little motivation to get you to do something you really ought to. Besides, scanning pictures is a pretty time intensive process, I would want to get paid for it, right? ::grins evilly::

Until then, I suppose I'm off. I was talking last night to a bunch of people who reappaeared for what seemed to be no apparent reason, but I suppose I don't really mind. Llama Girl showed up after studying way too many rocks for way too long, and TerpChic has a really bad habit of asking me to home over and hang out with her in the middle of the night...although I haven't seen a few people in a while I would like to, maybe it's time to send out some emails.