Monday 13 August 2001 // 1410 EST

Seeing: A pimped out Mercury Sable Wagon

Hearing: Duncan Sheik -- Barely Breathing

Touching: Clean water bottles

Tasting: English muffins with peanut butter and jelly

Thats right, you heard me. On the way to werk today I saw a pimped out Mercury Sable WAGON on the highway. I mean, it had the spoiler and the groundwerk and everything, I'd be impressed if it had a kick ass stero system in it too, that'd be more than amusing. Speaking of stereos, we were on our way to Buzz on friday, and it was really slow, like traffic always is around that place on friday nights, and I managed to catch a glimpse of first someone who drove to Buzz in an open sided Jeep Wrangler, and on top of that had a pretty nice stereo in it, with the face still that's just asking for trouble. But nevertheless, we had a good time at Buzz, especially since the entire night cost me a mere 5 dollars. Emily paid for my admission and half of the parking fees, and hell, I got to see Madonna. Or at least I thought so. Richard HumptyVision rocked my ass, I mean seriously, if I ever sinned by saying hard house was just "okay," then I paid for it friday night..the music was awesome, the hard house anthems kept comin and the beats kept flowing, and when Humpty went off, the "special guest" of the evening came on, and lo and behold, it was Madonna! Well, I thought it was Madonna anyway, some people were like "it's an impersonator," or "it's a man," but personally, I'm on the optimistic side, and I knew it wasn't a man(those were REAL boobs, and I'm telling you, I know Madonna's breats anywhere, and THoSE were Madonna's breasts!), but either way, she put on one hell of a show and it was really great being there...I really had a good time, even if my arms and legs still hurt from the whole ordeal...yeah, it's Monday and I'm still having trouble walking. But it was such a wonderful time...I'll probably be going back for the Cryogenic party on the 24th, and the Final Foam Fantasy on the 31st, and then again for Hybrid and Utah Saints on the 14th, but I'd be there anyway since that night is the EDMC Buzz Patio Takeover...I suppose I should do something to help out with that. Anyway, I had a kick ass time, and it was definitely a night to remember. I went with Emily and Tina and Julia(it was Julia's first time clubbing) and out of the entire night, I think I made pretty good friends with Tina-she's a real sweetie and a partykid at heart, we were talking about leaving at something like 430AM and she's like "NOW!?!?! Butbutbut.." I couldn't help but give her a big huge hug and tell her how cool she was..

I went home that night and slept like a baby.

Then I had to wake up and go do that consultancy with that guy...50 dollars an hour I can't complain about, but I only thought I'd be there for something like an hour or two, and in actuality the guy had me there for 3 I drove home with a big fat 150 dollar check in my pocket. I was more than happy, considering I was only expecting to be working for about an hour or so. The trick was that the questions he asked and whatnot weren't particularly difficult or anything, but it was fun to work on....I was pulling on DOS knowledge I didn't know I had to help him out..I could see why the guy was so confused, I mean he was running Windows 3.11 in his office, 95 on his personal computer, 98 on his wife's laptop, and then stright DOS on his ancient IBM laptop...but somehow or another, I managed to help him configure the DOS laptop to dialup to the university using it's 2400 baud modem and help him get his umail...

Then I was so thrilled, Girl and I were going to see a movie, but her wallet got stolen sometime Saturday, and she couldn't find it...I sincerely hope she managed to get everything worked out...I hope she got her money back from the bank and managed to get everything replaced...poor girl. At the same time as I feel bad for her because of the crap she goes through every day, I at the same time can't feel pangs of discontentment because of the way we interact, but oh well, I can't do anything, I can't change me and I can't change her, so the really best alternative is to just leave it alone and try to stop caring so much about that kind of thing. I don't know, some of you have offered your advice, but I don't know if you're right and I don't know if you're wrong, but I think that's what I'm going to do. Thanks for being there.

In the meantime, the parents are going out of town on wednesday, so it's gonna be just me and an empty house again...I'll have the car and the time, and even the money this time...I really have the urge to go out to eat at a restaurant and sit down for a nice dinner. Anyone wanna come with me?