Tuesday 13 August 2002 // 1533 EDT

Seeing: Kick-ass graphics!

Hearing: Propellerheads feat. Shirley Bassey - History Repeating

Touching: Silver thermal paste on my fingertips

Tasting: Ben and Jerry's Everything But The...


I think I need a day off from my weekend...and I even took two days off before my weekend, and I was off work yesterday too! It's actually pretty strange, I suppose you know you're all grown up when you take a day off work and get a crapload of stuff done...yesterday, for example, I got things straightened out with the Art Library, who was trying to bill me out the ass for some books I borrowed before the end of the semester to write a term paper for my 18th Century Art class I was taking back then. I called them up last week, but apparently the woman I was supposed to talk to was on vacation(figures), and they told me I had to call back this week. Well, I called back and it turns out they found the books, but they wanted to charge me a processing fee anyway because they said "the books weren't stamped or sensitized." So I kind of went off on the woman and told her that it was ridiculous that I should be charged because the Library messed up and can't sort it's own books that I returned in the book drop in good time(good time being something like 3 days after I borrowed them), and she told me to write them a letter and they'd see what they could do. What they "could do" would be to remove the damned fines, but that's okay....I'm not bitter or tired of the university shafting me for stupid crap....boy, working for the university is going to be interesting. I'll have to think of creative ways to get back at all of those people.

Anyways, aside from that I managed to call OIT about my contract and get it worked out so I could stop by and sign it today, and I managed to finally finish all the recovery work on my computer(more on that later.). Waking up at 10AM even though you were up all night the night before and are still tired will really make you productive. So I wound up working a little bit on the EDMC website-which is by NO means up or finished right now-but I'm planning on getting it done by the end of the month. But last night, I vaccumed the floor, mopped the kitchen, cleaned up a bit, you know-got a lot of stuff done. I was pretty tired by night's end, but I wound up sprawling on the couch and chatting with Rob about a whole assortment of things, all of which were pretty interesting, especially our long-term plans for the house and things we want to do with it.

As for the weekend? Yeah-it started with me getting my brand new GeForce4 TI 4200 and promptly installing it in my shiny black ninja computer. The machine worked for a while, then suddenly died-I mean no video, no sound, no nothing-it was like it was on...but off. So I restarted it a couple of times, but it wouldn't boot at all-confused, I pried the ninja case(that I spraypainted myself all glossyblack and pretty) off and examined the innards, and discovered that it wasn't posting at all-wasn't booting whatsoever. After Rob and I hacked at it a bit, we figured out we blew a capacitor somewhere, and figured it was the power supply unevenly distributing power to the system components. By that time it was something like 11PM, so Saturday when I got up, I rushed out to CompUSA to get a new power supply, and upon seeing the one I needed being 99 dollars, I decided to shop around to Best Buy(who didnt have one I could use at all) and then Radio Shack(who doesn't sell them at all), and settled that back to CompUSA was the place to go. I bought the power supply, took it home, tried it, and no luck, the system still wouldn't post. So now, knowing it wasn't the power supply, the only components left to check are the motherboard and the CPU-so I wandered over to the counter that the motherboards were stored behind and tried to shop for one-the tech at the counter told me that he didn't have a motherboard that would work with my chip and I would have to look somewhere else. BestBuy doesn't sell motherboards, so I called up the CompUSA in Glen Burnie and asked them if they had one-they did have one they knew would work with my chip, so I rushed down to that CompUSA something like 45 minutes before they closed, and bought it. I got home to find a message in IRC from Jas, telling me that any socket A motherboard that would handle an athlon would have handled my chip just fine-so I didnt have to run around town or necessarily drop the cash I did-but it's okay-I have a decent board. I installed the board, put the CPU on it, mounted the heat sink, found a use for the DDR RAM that rob bought for his sister's computer(but couldn't use because it didn't like the motherboard they they bought a while ago-funny how things work out, huh?) and powered it up....sure enough, it loaded into windows and promptly froze. I kept trying and it kept freezing moments into windows, so I thought my windows installation was messed up-so I tried reinstalling...but the installer froze too. I eventually gave up and went to bed.

Sunday, I got up and tried again, no such luck. Frustrated, I started to make other boot disks and the like, trying to figure out what the problem was, and eventually we got on the topic of CPUs-shortly thereafter I found out my Athlon was running at 70 degrees celsius, or something like 165 degrees farenheit....WAY too hot. So I powered down the computer, rushed back to Best Buy, bought some thermal compound and another 256MB stick of DDR RAM to put in the 3rd slot, and came home-installed the RAM, spread the goo all over the CPU(and my finger), and powered it up. Sure enough-the installer loaded properly. I screwed up my installation of windows in the process of messing around, so I had to reinstall, but I was so happy I didn't mind doing recovery work on all my applications and start menu items until something like 4AM. Never before had my Macintosh Performa come in such handy, it was quite impressive. Anyway, it's up and running now, freshly reinstalled, all my programs working, my fabulous graphics and sound owning, my fast new memory going...my computer is so frickin' l33t I love it, and after this weekend, I've GOT to have the skills required to be A+ certified.

So that was the weekend-I finished some of the recovery work yesterday, but aside from all of that, everything has been wonderful and I'm so happy everything works. Now I can go back to thinking hard about those turntables I should have in just under 2 weeks...I'll be paying the first half off this weekend, and then when I get my last paycheck from AQ I'll be all set to complete the sale and move them into the basement, all nice and happy and ready to get rocked. I'm really looking forward to that. Aside from all of that, I start at OIT on Monday and leave Absolute Quality on Friday, so while it'll be a sad departure, I'm not particularly upset that I'll be leaving...this place was starting to grate a bit on my nerves anyway-it'll be good to be back in familiar surroundings with people I know already, even if none of them are attractive women.

Lately I've been feeling like part of my life is something like this, but even so, I dont really think I have to worry about that too much anymore, I just thought it was applicable and amusing enough to make me smile, so I thought I'd share.

In the meantime, I've been hangin in there, getting more productive things done, focusing on my own energy and synchronicity, and doing a lot more reading and enjoying my time...it's actually really impressive how much more energy I've had lately and how much better things have been, I didn't think it was going to be quite like this-but in the end, things are working out, and I'm doing pretty well, and it's chicken stir fry for dinner tonight-It'll be yummy.

In the meantime, I have friends coming home to visit soon, and more friends in the area...now I just have to get off my lazy butt and call them and hang out-hell,I've been talking to people I haven't talked to in weeks--as soon as we get the house all cleaned up and ready to go, I'm all about bringing people over to see the new place, and hopefully my shiny new turntables. We'll see, we'll see.