Friday 13 September 2002 // 1328 EDT

Seeing: Shiny new Toys

Hearing: Vanessa Carlton - 1000 Miles

Touching: Dusty records that need to be cleaned off...

Tasting: Cookies from Trader Joes


And there I was, a whole year later. And I cried.

I didn't want to, but it was too familiar...too moving. He stood on the bridge overlooking I-95 going south towards Washington DC and he was waving an American flag...I couldn't see his face, all I could see was the flag that was twice his size that he was waving in the wind in front of all the cars busily making their way to Washington for their morning routine....the radio covered the events that happened a year prior in great detail, the screaming and the crying, the disbelief and emotion of the people...and all of it got to me..probably more than it did a year ago. Maybe it was about time. Regardless, it was short-lived, I managed to suck it up and focus, and go on through the day, albeit a little more depressed. I didn't make it to the vigil on campus this time, probably more because I just wanted to get to work, try not to be depressed, and show in my own little way that my life wouldn't change. To go on like normal, to do my own thing, and to keep my wits about me. Aside from that, it was a normal day. Voted on Setpember 10th, was damned proud of myself, since it was the first time I voted since I've moved out of the house and everything, and now I'm in Anne Arundel County, so I had to look up information on the candidates and everything so I'd feel a little more knowledgable. It's been fun.

Aside from all of that, so much has been happening that it's been crazy. Aside from the morning of Setpember 11th being probably the longest collective morning the United States has ever felt, and aside from the night before being probably the most sleepless for the most Americans ever, it's been really good. We hung an American flag up at work, and while I was sympathetic and emotional about the whole thing, I just wanted to not think too hard about it and move on...those 3084 souls...

Anyways. On the upside, so much has been many wonderful things..this weekend I promised myself I'd sit down and hammer out and get it up and running and working, but that'll be pretty difficult considering I keep getting distracted by things like this new game I've been beta testing, Earth and Beyond, this space-based massively multiplayer online RPG that I've been all but wrapped up in. That was last weekend. Yes, practically the ENTIRE weekend. MMORPGs sure take up a lot of time and energy, but it's just so much fun that I can't stop...something tells me I'm going to pre-order the game and subscribe to play it, heh. Expect more timesuckage from me soon. The best part about Earth and Beyond was that it was supposed to be the fringe benefit from getting the beta for Ascheron's Call 2. The thing is, I haven't even played the AC2 beta. I'll probably do that this weekend too, if there are enough hours in the day. I should also probably do other things...clothes shopping, visiting friends(especially the kind who are leaving town), the works...but right now, all I want to do is take a nap.

I'll probably do that when I get home from werk.

By the way, not like it's small news, but I got my gear last night. Finally managed to pony up the money to Dave and Rebecca, the other half of the turntable money to Rebecca and then some to Dave for his headphones, his soundcard, and finally his roadcases for his turntables that he's selling me. Really thrilled about getting all of it. I set up my tables and my gear and everything, and listened to my first record on them last night...did my first mix on them last night, and listened to my second record on them last night. They're beautiful, and I'm glad I bought better believe I'll be using them a lot. So thrilled. It was wonderful walking out of my room this morning to go upstairs and shower, tired as hell and really stressed cause I didnt want to go to werk, and seeing those tables made my day...didn't make me any less tired, but it made me REALLY happy.

Now all we have to do is get rid of the dog and I'll be able to have friends over. The cats are okay, as long as they don't get all up on my gear and fur it up. I should take a nap and then play with my new toys.

Now all that's left to do is to catch up with people. Seriously, not enough hours in the day.

.....maybe the night?