Thursday 14 June 2001 // 1205 EST

Seeing: Purple Dreamcast controllers

Hearing: Scott Henry's Starscape 1999 Set

Touching: Lots of tissues

Tasting: Corned Beef Hash...yes, I have interesting tastes.

So here we go again. I managed to sleep through the night, I'm pretty happy about that-I went to bed at something like midnight or so, after chilling out for a little while at Christina's apartment....I couldn't keep her birthday present from her for very long, I bought it yesterday and I wanted to give it to her immediately, so I when she called me up, I let her know that I had it and I wanted to give it to I did..she was so happy, and well..that makes me feel a lot better about buying it for her. ;) I don't mind, don't get me wrong, but I between that, a few things I needed, Father's Day, and other whatnot, I managed to land myself back in the poorhouse until I get paid next, but I really think it's worth it, even if I don't have a little 5 bucks to buy myself lunch. ::giggle:: I think it's time I cashed in some change I have lying around. Financially speaking, I have lots of bills to pay and lots of things I want, so I'd better get cracking on saving money-I suppose now is the time to do it, since I'll be working this summer and shouldn't have too many expenses, basically gas, which will be enough, looking at gas prices. Hmm..I wonder if I'll ever get around to all that stuff I was planning on know, investing and's all about saving money.

The trouble is that I don't really care about money. I think it's pretty stupid, and basically green paper that gets me stuff. So I don't really care as much about it as I probably should. Alas, I'll get around to it. Right now I think I just want to get through today, get home and get something hot to eat, and I'll be just fine. Heh...yet again, I'll have to pretend that I'm flat broke until I get I did when my parents went away for the week...well..mainly because I am. ;) But it's all good. Like I said, it's really not crucial.

So on to better and greater things. Christina's happy that she got her dreamcast, and I know my dad will be happy with his father's day present, and I should send off eMily's birthday card as soon as I get a chance too...I finally managed to write "The Letter" to Resident Life proclaiming why they should let me live on campus next year, and all there is to do now is sit and wait until things start rolling and people start calling gotta fight to get what you want in this life, you gotta make your own destiny before other people insist on making it for you...believe that, children..people try and keep you down at every turn, and half the time it's not even maliciously, it's just that everyone else is trying to get their way you gotta fight extra hard to get yours. Yeah, so someone might criticise me for buying a Dreamcast with extra controller, 2 page memory card, and 2 VMUs for my girlfriend for her birthday, but you know what? Too bad-she loves it, and hell, with all the time I spend at her apartment, I don't think I won't be getting my fair share of use out of it. ;) I love her to death, and well, that's that. I bought my dad a kick ass pair of headphones because his are falling apart, and I know he'll need them to listen to his music at night when I'm running around the house making lots of noise and he's trying to sleep, and well, I finally bought myself a pair of sunglasses that I swear to GOD I'm not going to lose this time. So there. Money is irrelevant.

Werk. Werking the helpdesk is a thankless job, but it's not really that difficult, so I can't really complain. The people here are nice and helpful, and the calls are generally simple enough to deal with, and well, that will take care of that. Just being here is enough, and working the WAM labs for 2 hours every day takes me out of the line of fire at the helpdesk, and instead I can sit at a quieter computer and listen to music and chill and do what I want to do. It's all worthwhile when the paycheck comes rolling in. Thank goodness I don't get some of these calls though, like the professors and grad students who come in with their entire graduate theses and expect us to tweak them and help them make it look however they want it to.

Where does that leave me? Spending my nights trying to do fun things, and spending my days in this amusing combintion of being at werk and running it should be, I suppose, I'm happy to be back at werk-it makes me feel useful, gives me something to do during the day, and hell, it earns that cash that's not that important but fills my gas tank and takes me and my baby out for sushi. ;) Thank goodness getting my parking permit was a 21 dollars that could be charged to my student account. I feel refreshed now that I've slept-and that I'm not sitting in my room playing endless amounts of counterstrike...I'm supposed to hang out with Katie tonight, but I'm not completely sure that's going to happen, even if she's going to the beach tonight-I don't have the cash to really do anything fun, and I think a quiet evening sitting with Christina and her dreamcast might be preferable...we'll see if she can whoop my ass in Soul Calibur.

Now then, what else will I be doing this summer? Funfunfun, if you ask me...heh..we'll see. I want to travel a little bit, hell, maybe even hit the MacWorld Expo in New York, I'd like to go to more parties, hell, I'd like to do a lot of know, I should write all this down and see what happens..I want to drive around, I want to buy records, I want to travel, I want to save money and buy the things I want, I want a lot of things(and yes, I know that these things aren't possible without money) but to be honest, all of it comes down to the fact that I want to share a lot of things with some special people this summer, and don't you worry, as soon as I have a little cash in my pocket with which to entertain you all and myself, I'll take you all up on it. You all know who you are.

With that, I think I'll do something a little different, get back to werk, or something-but I think the most important lesson learned at this point is to do it because you want to, do it for yourself, do it because you have to...don't give up on it, don't run away...make your destiny happen.