Sunday 14 October 2001 // 0024 EST

Seeing: Apollo 13

Hearing: Surreal -- Always On My Mind

Touching: Bright green glowsticks

Tasting: Shrimp Shumai

Sometimes I don't know what to think at all.
I look around at the people around me, the people who are in my life, and I don't know what to think. I don't know how to discern what they're thinking, and I feel like I've lost my ability to read people well. Oh well, I have a birthday coming up this coming week, we'll see how things turn out then. I'm trying to have some fun, get drunk, and do whatever else happens to come up.

It's been a long week. And I have two papers due on tuesday and a problem set due on thursday. I have one of the papers written, maybe after a nice long break I'll get started on the second one. I mean, I imagine it's not hard to write 3-5 pages, I'm not particularly worried about it. I'll get it all done, I know I will..but will I do my laundry in time to have clean clothes for either of those days is another matter. Maybe I should do something about that.

Went to Buzz last night, it was much fun-I do wish I had done a little more dancing, but I suppose last night was the first time I've been out in a while where I actually danced...I saw these two partykids dancing together and they were so happy and sweaty and happy to be together and dancing and it made me so jealous, remembering the times when me and another kid would get our thang on on the dancefloor and we were so cute dancing makes me wish those days were back in some ways, but one of those kids doesn't really party anymore and probably won't as long as she's in her current situation, and the other is too busy with...other endeavors to pay attention to or hang out with me. Alas, I'm left without a partner on the dancefloor again, but who knows what the future will bring. Hopefully the very near future will bring some cold water-that Shrimp Shumai rose my body temperature some.

Anyway-I suppose I don't have much to bitch or moan about, to be honest, but I'm really diggin on this guy Howard Shaw's mixCD...he sent it to me, and he spins progressive trance...and I'm having him on Plastic Bohemia on the 26th of October. It should be a blast, listening to what he's spinning on the CD, should be a good show, so tune in. In the meantime, this really cool band called Mur that sent me their demo, and I'm definitely going to play it, it's yummy trip-hoppy goodness, and I really think everyone will appreciate it.

Oh yeah, so I've decided I need to start throwing more parties. I don't know how, and I don't know how I'm going to arrange it, but I really want to...there have been a lack of really awesome parties lately, and while Buzz is awesome and all, I miss being surrounded by partykids, and I miss hearing the music that really gets me up and moving, and ironically enough, a lot of that stuff is getting spun by smaller DJs at this point..I was on the patio at Buzz last night and the music the 5" Taint crew, and to be honest, I really do think they were better than the DJs in the main room...the tracks were fabulous and enough to get me actually moving...too bad the kids I went with all had good times, but they weren't really partykids, so it was a little rough keeping them moving on the dancefloor, especially with me lacking in energy to begin with. Oh well...maybe we'll be in proper form for it in time for Radiate, which is gonna kick so much ass it's not even are already on sale...I'm smacking myself because I haven't gotten mine yet...not like it's gonna sell out, but still.

In the meantime, I'm going to concentrate some on spinning. I've been talking around to people, and they all say the same thing, and the same good thing-that buying crappy equipment right now is probably a bad idea, and that I should save up for Technics SL1200MK2s or maybe even MK3s by the time I've saved the cash. But we'll see...I'd better start putting aside for that now, eh? Either that or get a really well paying job and work it a lot. I mean, to be honest, that well paying job could be OIT if I had the time to werk there more often-I mean, I normally only carry a few hours a week because I can't werk as often as I want to-I have to take classes, ya know. But yeah, rather than buy crappy tables or cheap ones, they say to go ahead and save my money for good ones that I'll never need to replace. Wish me luck in saving for that, eh? It'll take a long time the way I'm going now...but we'll see. Maybe after winter break when I have a chance to werk a little more? Who knows.

In the meantime, I think I need to go back to Checkers and get something to eat. That place is yummy.