Tuesday 15 January 2002 // 1437 EST

Seeing: Boiling water

Hearing: Paul Oakenfold -- Essential Mix Shanghai, China: Live On Radio One

Touching: A tussled comforter and piled up pillows

Tasting: Joe's Pasta!


I knew it was just a matter of time before something happened to bring me down off of that cloud...well, it's nothing, really-but still, everything can't be perfect forever, you know?

With any luck, today I'll be hanging out with Rachel and we'll exchange spaghettios for turntables. I'm getting the tables, she gets the spaghettios. We'll head over to Joe's, an italian restaurant in gaithersburg that kicks ass, and sit and have dinner and talk about how cute the waitresses are. It's usually a good, chill time. I'll probably wind up heading down there after werk. It'll be good, and then I can think about where I'm going to put the tables when I get home, and what I'll be connecting them to other than my headphones in an effort to practice more. At least this much is true, if I needed anything to look to spend money on in the near future, building a stereo looks like it's going to be it...I need something with more than one auxiliary input, and hopefully better speakers, which means I should look to start building a component set, something I've always kind of wanted to do. Heh. Just when you think you've bought everything you needed, huh?

In other news, I'm a little miffed right now. I'm tired of being "wrong" all the time, people telling me that because I do something different than them or have an opinion different than theirs that I'm not just wrong, but I need to feel bad about it-that everything from the way I cook to my opinion on a popular television show is so horrible and wrong and bad that there has to be not only an argument, but I have to be so vehemenently squashed that I'll never think that what I was thinking could at all be the truth...I mean, it's not like there's more than one way to cook pasta or anything, or more than one way to feel about a TV show. Honestly. I've tried too hard to eliminate people from my life that make me feel inferior that I don't really have plans to include another one in it. It's not healthy. I don't need it.

I've known too many people and had to put up with too much shit from people who tend to think that they're always right, and the only way to shut them the hell up is to tell them "fine, you're right, just drop it," in the perfect immature five year old way. Yeah, that needs to stop. Next time it happens, I think a simple "shut up bitch, I think what I think, so stop being 5" is in order. I'll make my pasta any god damned way I want to.

Anyway, about yesterday's entry....I suppose I shouldn't have been so harsh, to be honest-I mean, I meant to acknowledge that I'm noone to talk about enlightenment, I'm not one to go on about who has the right to think this way or walk this way, it'd be totally contrary to the entire principle of individual thought-I mean, everyone has to do their own thing and act the way that they think will bring them closer to happiness, I just take offense to people faking it, but the thing is, I'm noone to walk up to someone and tell them that that's what they're doing and that they should change...I mean honestly, who am I but someone seeking the same things that everyone else is? I just choose to take a path that I personally think is a little more....pure? right? me? The words don't really exist.

In the meantime, I'm getting all psyched for the Fever Reunion at Buz this Friday, and for my party, Synchronicity at the Edge on Saturday. I lined up the UMD DJs for that, and took care of the guestlist and everything, I'm actually really thrilled and hope it turns out okay. :) I think I'll need a few drinks to loosen me up that night, so it's good that I'm getting paid on Friday.

So I asked everyone over at Raver.net if they wanted to put some spice back in the site, bring it back to life, and I got no real responses...nooone paid attention, noone cared, and I suppose that means that the site is struggling for it's life, about to die, the interesting people have all flocked away and noone there is particularly interesting or has anything to say. Yeah, total BS from where I'm sitting. Sheesh, looks like all I can do is head over to RaversUnity and see if I can make a difference there. It's actually rather sad to see something like that happen. I suppose it's just a matter of time before a new group of people come crusin through and start talking about things and drum up their own topics, I just hope it's a good thing. I miss the days when those boards were all about the people, meeting new people and talking about their favorite music and the parties they went to, who was meeting who where and what their favorite DJs were...unfortunately they tend to degrade to the point where it's just new kids asking how to do glowstick tricks or where to get cool pants, people advertising their parties, and random idiots saying stupid things. Oh well. Que sera, sera.

Elsewhere, I'm really looking forward to dinner tonight.