Wednesday 17 January 2001 // 1839 EST

Seeing: we get this on campus?

Hearing: Laurent Garnier -- Last Tribute from the 20th Century

Touching: Polar Fleece Sweaters

Tasting: Fresh filtered water...most refreshing thing in the world...

Happyhardcore makes me all tingly inside...I think I really like it. Well, I knew this for a while, and no it has nothing to do with my current mood. Ironically enough, I've been into happyhardcore for a really long time now, it's just that I've really been focusing on it since I fell on the website for my boy Berzerker's recent mixes(he may or may not remember me) but I remember when we were at the Hydrogen don't even remember what it was called...umm..hang on...RESONATE! That was it, Resonate...well, Berzerker spun a set there briefly before the party got shut down by the police...and well, a few of us went to his place to hang out, he gave his address to a "select" few, and I got the address from my boy MC Escher...I love that kid, I really oughta head out and see him more often. I wonder where he and the StepSyndicate/District Junglist League kids are gonna be next..hmm..

Well then, the point being that I've been all over this website: here if you're at all interested in the music, trust me, you'll enjoy it. He's got real old skool style, and I like that, but at the same time, he's got breaks and jungle lines and a trancy, almost ethereal feel...okay okay, enough of my jabber, if you know too much about the music, you're probably thinking "what the hell is he talking about," so just listen, you'll get it. And if you don't? well....tough. ::grin:: Hmm...other musical trips I've been taking lately? Well, I've been getting deeper and deeeper into the trance stylins of DJ Texture, with the Otaku SoundSystem kids....mmmmmflamingjune. Drop me a line if you want a copy of his tape, I've been emailing back and forth with him for a little while now, and he's a really cool guy, let me make copies of his tape and all.

Anyway-so it's almost over, huh? I'm going back to school on Sunday, being an RA and all I suppose makes me have to be back early for training and all. Training isn't such a horrible word, but when it's associated with Resident Life, it's usually at least somewhat painful...but this semester I'm going to go into it with an open mind and shut mouth. ;) I'm not trying to shut myself off from any synchronistic messages that might be meant for me, I mean, if the energy flows my way, then I'll say my piece, but that's the trick, I'll limit myself to when I need to say something rather than forcing the point if I really want to. The others can benefit from my experience, but hey-they can benefit more from getting their own, yes? So yes...this break has been wonderful..I really think I've come a long way in a month...I really needed the time off to work on things, and I'm thrilled about how it all turned out..I'm happy, I'm healthy in almost every way(yeah, that's right, I gotta get back and hit the gym) and I'm feeling so much stronger...every breath I inhale is like adding to my lifeforce...heh..I just might be freaking you out, huh? Oh well. So this semester will be challenging, I know it will, but I can handle it, I mean, it's just books and things, that's the way I'm gonna try and look at it...and now with my new helpdesk training(that I started today, mind you, and isn't even half as bad as I thought it would be) I think I might be working a bit think I might get a raise?

Oh, and sorry I haven't been online too often, I try to stay off unless I'm really bored or I'm at work or something, so that usually doesn't include weekends or really late nights anymore. My friend Kim Garfield said to me today "It's no fun being online....when life occurs offline."

Take care, kids, I love you guys.