Thursday 17 January 2002 // 1656 EST

Seeing: A place on the floor where I hope my turntables will SOMEDAY go

Hearing: Massive Attack -- Daydreaming

Touching: A Wool Jacket

Tasting: Definitely NOT Joe's Pasta.


I was looking forward to dinner that other night.

I was supposed to supposed to hang out with Rachel and get my new turntables and everything on Tuesday. Then she flaked on me. I was supposed to hang out with her today after werk. Then she flaked on me again. She said tomorrow. I said "You're not gonna flake on me, are you?" She said "Probably." Now that just pissed me off.

Honestly. I try NOT to spend time with flaky people. I swear to god that's a pisser. I mean, the only times I'm actually in the MOOD to drive all the way like 40 minutes from my house to see her and everything, and she flakes on me two times in a row. At least I didn't go somewhere and expect her to show up or something. It's still a pisser, especially because she had me looking forward to the new turntables and everything, I've bee really psyched about getting them and really looking forward to them and really wanting to play with them, I keep thinking: Finally, I'll be able to practice in my own home, finally I'll be able to get better, finally, I'll have my own equipment and I really should have figured or known better or expected this kind of bs from her....I mean, she's sweet when she wants to be, don't get me wrong, but she's always been like this, nothing's changed. It's just a fucking pisser, is all...I suppose I should have known better than to look forward to something from her.

Anyway, I'll try and calm down somewhat and relax. I wish I had something to do, I keep clearing out my schedule to do this, and she keeps standing me up. Oh well, I suppose I really should have just known better.

In the meantime tonight I suppose I'll just go home and get some dinner or something and relax, Katie is off getting a new job, so there'll be no hanging out with her until much later, and noone else is really around right now. I suppose I could find something to do, I haven't played many video games in a really long time-it might be a nice stay-in-with-a-cup-of-tea-and-some-counterstrike night, but we'll see how that turns out. I haven't played Return To Castle Wolfenstein in a really long time, maybe I should get back into that. There are leather-clad bitches to kill in that game. Maybe some rocket arena, you know, the things that will keep me busy lots. Until the end of the werkday I'll probably amuse myself by looking at real equipment for sale on eBay, since they're probably more within my reach than Rachel's tables. Yeah, I speak so freely about her here because I know she'd never be thoughtful enough to read my website.

Anyway, in other news, the radio show is tomorrow and the EDMC takeover at the Edge Nightclub is on Saturday. We'll see how that turns out, hopefully it'll be a blowaway performance, I'm really looking forward to it. And since our little DJ battle is the first of what looks like a series, then we're gonna set the bar of excellence for what a real party like this is gonna look like. Hopefully it'll be an awesome time. I really need something to look forward to about now anyway.

Ugh. Another werkday over, I think I need a cheeseburger on the way home from werk.