waiting for liftoff

19 June 2003

It's been a long time coming, I suppose. I kept looking at the old Nova and thinking to myself "you know, this just isn't really me anymore..." and last time I said that I was going through some rough times and wanted something that mroe accurately reflecred the changes and upheavals I felt at the time, but this time....I just grew out of it. I grew out of the artsy design, the kind that begged you to click everywhere to find what you wanted, forced you to explore, wanted to make you delve deep into the bowels of everything I had to say, because I was so desperate to be heard and so scared I would be ignored. I don't harbor any qualms about that, being heard is still important to me, but at the same time I know that being heard is only as good as the people who want to listen to you, so that was the end of that. Besides, it was getting sprawly and annoying and difficult to navigate, and well, there's this thing about getting your content straight to the viewer that's probably a bit more valuable. So to all those I owe thank yous to, thank you-and to all those I owe apologies to, I'm sorry.

So things have come a long way, and the rest of the "network" that makes up Nova Netwerks actually exists now. Imagine that. Thanks for poking around through, I really appreciate it. I'm planning on using the journal section here for long rants, stories, and anecdotes, you know, like a journal. The front page is more of a weblog for happenings and events and short bits geared toward you short-attention-span types. Enjoy. In the meantime, feel free to poke around the rest of this site and the network, there's plenty new to see and play with.

Anyways, I'm gonna get out of here and let you play. Drinks are on me.