i like my politics with nuts

20 February 2004

Politics is usually a realm I leave for my commentary over at Pleasant Tingle, but sometimes it seeps everywhere, you know? Lately with the democratic race for the presidential nomination, it's been easy to be immersed in the ocean of political information flying left and right, looking at these people who want to dethrone the President and what they stand for and what they believe, and all in all it's been a beautifully positive political race. I've actually been very impressed at how calm and interesting the whole thing has been, and the primaries haven't even reached my state yet.

But of course there are two sides to the coin, and the White House is eager to make it's move and start slinging mud on whomever should happen to win the nomination, and you can bet that even if the Bush campaign shows restraint, people like Lying Laura Ingram and "Invade all their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity" Anne Coulter(does anyone actually take this bimbo seriously? I mean come on, short skirt, cowboy boots, doesn't believe in her own civil rights, she must be a wet dream for horny old republicans everywhere-okay, maybe that was too far, but not nearly as honest as I should have been. Don't know who she is? Go here to learn-shame the site isn't being updated anymore.) and the rest of the mob will probably do whatever they can to slander anyone with ideas, thoughts, or lifestyles different from their own, and I'm sure that won't start or stop with the opposing camp trying to edge their way into some kind of power in the United States. It actually saddens me more than anything else to know that such bigoted, hateful people have the ear of so many in our nation, even if to some of us it's simply a matter of "know thy enemy." But part of that nonsense is the reason I started PTnet in the first place, so I had a place to allow myself to be heard, to comment on a world of political and social issues that didn't just sit with politics(although many of my articles do reflect my feelings on politics and political policy), but with all sorts of things: science, technology, entertainment, you know, the interesting stuff. I was tired of hearing the conservative rhetoric on the radio in the morning and hearing about the kind of racist, sexist, homophobic, and generally degenerate commentary that people like Ms. Coulter espouse every day of their lives(apparently because they're either deeply troubled, had horrible childhoods, or missing something very important in their lives...I really want to walk up to her and ask "have you ever really known what it feels like to be happy?"), so I decided to start offering a counter opinion. Hey, I may not be some bigwig political commentator like some rather annoying people or even some of the people I like (good ol Chris Matthews and Al Franken, and don't forget probably one of the best sites ever, the Daily KOS also running Scoop, like PTnet), but I can at least take the opportunity to use what I know and how I feel to speak my mind to anyone who's willing to listen, whether they agree with me or not.

To me, I think that's what it's really about. A lot of people yell at their televisions and get angry when they drive and listen to morons like Coulter or Limbaugh or any of the other drug-addled losers out there, but I wanted to actually do something about it, to speak up in whatever way I could. So I did. I'm really happy to be able to say that.

Oh, by the way, if you dig Coulter or any of the other assorted right-wing pundits who apparently were beaten with wire as children, then too bad. I feel sorry for ya.