Wednesday 21 August 2002 // 1246 EDT

Seeing: A shiny powder blue 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

Hearing: BT - Remember(ESCM Mix)

Touching: Mac OS X 10.1 Upgrade CDs...going out in the mail

Tasting: Cheddarwurst sausages!


I beat Shadow Hearts, by the way. It's been a while since i beat it, but you know. I managed to get the happy ending, which was nice. If you've got a PS2, you should play it, it's a fun game.

Anyways, in other news, I've started back with OIT, at the Helpdesk, essentially doing the same stuff I was doing before, but just so much more fun, and it pays a lot better. It pays better than Absolute Quality, and it offers benefits, which is nice, and at the same time I know all the people here. It's not bad at all, no complaining for me.

I paid on half of my turntables already, it was nice to at least start to have the whole thing off of my back-and I start paying rent at the beginning of the month-I won't have my tables as soon as I'd like to have them, that being the end of the month, but that last paycheck from AQ is going to have to go towards rent and bills, and the first paycheck I get from OIT will probably go to pay for the rest of my tables and puff up my bank account nice and fluffy. I'm really looking forward to having them, then I can spend all my money on records and sound equipment. September 13th, is looking like the day I get to pay for it all, assuming that everything works the way I'm planning. I hope Dave doesn't leave for Japan before I can get him the money for that, his headphones, and his soundcard...I owe him something like 700 bucks at this point, which is much better than the 1200 I owed him before for the merchandise...of course it's not like I have the merchandise and am using it-it's all sitting at his place...except the headphones, which I took and used for the my gig at The Edge a while back.

About the Mitsubishi Galant, by the way, I had put my Volvo 740 GLE in the shop for repairs on the cabin fan(I was getting cold air, but it was kind of dribbling from the vents, no good blowing action ^_~), and I needed to get to werk for my second day at OIT, so I rented a car. It wasn't too bad a day, it worked out nicely on the budget, but the only real option I had was the 2003 Mitsubishi Galant they had just recieved the night before. I took the car and took the extra ten bucks for insurance protection(which was worthwhile, they said I scuffed the rear bumper...poor thing), and went my merry way. I was a little late for werk yesterday because I had to get my shiny new Lot Q parking permit(which, mind you, allows me to park in like 10 different lots around campus), but otherwise everything is okay. Got my new faculty/staff ID card during lunch yesterday, and that's nice too-didn't get to keep my old stuff though.

Anyways, aside from all of that, I'm hanging in there pretty nicely, I have more energy(I learned I have a lot more at the end of the day if I listen to my own music or a CD or something in the car, rather than the radio), and although now and again I get to bed earlier than normal, I've managed to hang in there and do the things I've been meaning to do...aside from work on the EDMC Website, which is probably going to be in my off time this weekend-shouldn't be too difficult. Aside from that, Rob and I are going hunting for Dojos, and we'll get back to training and getting in shape the right way, and I've been doing other stuff-you know, working on my computer, working on my room, about to put up curtains, the like. With any luck, this weekend we'll get to re-arrange the entire house, because Rob's sister is leaving for college on Friday and Jas is moving in on Monday. That'll be a good time. So the car is working nice, life is moving along smoothly, and I haven't the time to really worry about trifles, although I should probably call the people from AQ that gave me their'd be nice to see some of them again, if you catch my drift.

Visited the parents this past weekend, which was nice-talking to them and seeing them is always an empowering experience, and they had more than a few words of wisdom regarding a lot of my most recent experiences with people, and a few words of warning that I'll remember to keep close to my heart. I'll get around to it a bit later, don't worry. If I have some time when I get home and I'm awake, I'l make a point to make another entry and get it all in.

In the meantime, I'm looking to change the layout of NovaWerks a bit...any suggestions?

Anyways, I'm headed out to dinner with some guys from werk this evening, I'll try to eat light. In the meantime, the bidding goes on, the money piles up, and I'll just sit and make the best of it.