Tuesday 22 January 2002 // 1542 EST

Seeing: Soul Calibur on a HUGE screen

Hearing: Nickelback -- Too Bad

Touching: Spinning platters and shiny records

Tasting: Smirnoff Ice...mmmmm


Well. Here's the lowdown on what's happened this weekend if you really want to know the whole story, and I know you do:

Thursday and Friday were in fine style, I wasn't planning on going out really and I didn't...I didn't make it to the Fever reunion party, and that's fine with me when I found out that the people were packed in like sardines there...I don't really feel like I missed anything. I did the radio show on Friday and all and was really happy about it, that's always tons of fun, but I didn't have a tape to record on. Eh, I'm going backwards, sorry about that. Anyway, Friday night was chill and laid back, and I found out that Rachel was hesitant to give me her tables and flaky because of her brother, not because she was just being flaky...story goes like this:
Her brother was originally supposed to get the turntables, and he was happy about it when she offered them to him months ago, but since then he stopped using them and just let them collect dust in rachel's room. Okay fine, so this went on for months with rachel using them maybe once a month and him using them never, and she thought it'd be okay to give them to me, who would use them practically every day. Well, when her brother found out that this was going down, he got really mad that she was going to give them away, and started using them again. This put Rachel in a hell of a position, so she started flaking on me to try and work things out at home. When I finally got her to tell me what the deal was, she explained it to me, and I told her that I was totally cool with family coming first, and that I was more upset that she flaked on me and let me believe that this was happening in the near future and letting me down...that was the thing that sucked so much. But anyway-she said she'd let me know if anything changed, and knowing that her brother is all of 16 years old, he'll get bored soon probably get a new toy or skateboard or something, all of this before I raise the money to buy Technics, so I'll probably get them anyway. :)

In the meantime, Saturday went well, save the snow and sleet and ice and all the crappy weather, but nevertheless, we headed out to the Edge Nightclub, Katie and I, and we got there just in time to get set up, put the banners up, help out Shawn a little with his setup and everything, and we got the last banner up and the ladders put away just in time for the doors to open. The weather was royally awful outside, so the turnout wasn't all that great, but the people who did come had an awesome time, and well...no offense to the Virginia Tech DJs, but we totally and completely kicked their asses. I mean, TyT himself(TyT = Stellar Productions, also spinning that night on the Virginia Tech team) told me "Well, I think it's safe to say you guys won this battle.." There were something like 3 times as many people in the warehouse room than the front room at any given time. Maybe it was because the warehouse was warmer...maybe it was because we had the homefield advantage....maybe it's because our DJs kept the beats rockin, the floor shakin, and the booties bumpin all night long, cause we got mad skillz like that. ;) Okay, back to earth now, it was an awesome evening, especially since Ty said that he was going to pay us, and he definitely wanted us to come back and do this again sometime very soon...he was asking me if I did any promoting, any flyer design, all that stuff, and I said yes, I told him that I'm used to organizing parties and whatnot myself, and I even plugged Katie as a designer, since she is and all...and Ty said to me, get this, "Next time we do this, you should spin." That floored me. He smiled when I told him I was a trance DJ...you know, we're a dying breed, we need to stick together, ya know?

If you want to check out the wrapup or anything, click here for the official announcement from Stellar about the party, and here for the wrapup I posted to the Electronic Dance Music Club Discussion List.

The only down side was that in the process of hanging up the banners my cellphone took a 35 foot nosedive out of my pocket and shattered upon landing on the floor, and even though it seemed like it was working, shortly there after it stopped...the earpiece died and the screen was dead, but it still worked-I didn't mind too much, since I could still make calls, and if I plugged in my headset then it worked. The other thing was that at the end of the night, after all the people were gone and the only ones left were our crew and the people who werk at the Edge, my jacket went missing. My short black down coat....with my car keys in the pocket. That's what sucked the most. I know it was someone who worked at the club, and the horrible part was that it had my keys in it and my car was sitting in the parking lot right behind the club. To be totally honest, I was freaking out about it and Phil talked me down and offered to drive me to his place and we'd make some phone calls. I used Katie's cellphone to call my parents, and we agreed that Phil would take us back to my place in columbia, we would get Katie's car, and then go get my car(if it was still there), since all it would take is for some sketchy person to say "hey, there are keys in here...hey, this is a Volvo key..hey, there's a volvo in the parking lot and noone around.." But Phil wound up going to bed and letting me borrow his car, we went and got my keys, then Katie's car, then drove phil's car back to his place, then took katie's car down the the club, where miraculously my car was still there. I got in my car and retrieved the hot cocoa that Katie had made at about 7PM the night before(it was now about 9-10AM), found out that the thermos she has owns so much that the cocoa was STILL HOT, drank a little to celebrate, and drove back to Katie's apartment, where we collectively thudded and passed out until Sunday night, where we got up really late, went to Double T for a bite to eat, and then promptly chilled some more, I went home, and we respectively went to bed, to wake up Monday afternoon. Definitely an amusing time.

Monday was a great day too, I woke up in the early afternoon, played some videogames, got dressed, hung out with my parents and got some decent dinner, and then got myself together and headed out on the town for a bit...I went to the Verizon store and bought a new cellphone, but in the process of waiting and getting familiar with the people who worked there and the people waiting for service, I met a really nice lady who was working the front, taking names on the guestlist and making sure everyone was helped in order and all, and this other lady who was waiting for help stopped me when I was talking to a representative and mentioned that her boyfriend had the same kind of phone as the one I had just broken and was looking for a car charger for it...I passed it off initially but then after we had all been waiting for a really long time, I offered to give her the car charger I had for my broken phone, since it would most likely just collect dust or worse get thrown away...she was willing to pay for it, but I just gave it to her, I didn't mind at all, it felt good to do something nice. In the meantime I found out that the phone is still under my father's name, and we had to call him and have him come up to sign for the new phone and then do a transfer of liability so the bill comes to me in my name, and I can make changes or additions to my service plan from now on without his help. That sucked cause I had to call my dad from home and have him come up to the store just to sign, but it all worked out, I got a cute new little Audiovox CDM-135 and I love it...it's so cute and it sings Four Seasons when it rings. :) My parents went home afterwards and I headed over to Home Depot to get copies of my keys made so I could have some, and their keycutter was broken, so I wound up driving to College Park's Home Depot and getting them made there...then running to Target to see if they had any interesting keychains. I resigned myself to using my laser pointer and my Max Payne keychain(awesome game, by the way) for the time being, and with that, I came back home and chilled out for the rest of the night.

Trimmed my buddylist some more, and I know that even though I always say that, I actually made some significant deletions this time, ones that I was really hesitant to make before, and I really think that in the end it'll be good for me to finally put this behind me. I mean, for all this time I was holding out hope that things would get better, but they didn't, I kept feeling bad, and kept feeling drained, kept feeling unhappy and realized that the only reason I had some of these people on my list was to read their away messages and see how they were doing, and away messages are hadly a window into a person's being, but I didn't want to speak to them, so I would never start a conversation....snipsnipsnip. Sometimes I look at the people who have walked in and out of my life, and sometimes I think to myself that if only I had done something differently or said something else, that things would be better or different....and sometimes, like now, I realize that some things just happen, and some things are totally someone else's fault and have nothing to do with me. I can't take all the blame all the time, especially when I'm not the one with the problems...so snip away, and in the process I'm making new friends. That makes me happy too. If I could replace every person I got rid of with someone I would proactively talk to, I'd be a very happy phoenix. This will be good for me.

In the meantime, I'll need to do Double T more often with Katie and Jessica, and now that Katie has a new job, she can take me out to dinner for a change, heh. I think I could go for a milkshake.

My last semester of college starts in a week. Keep on keepin on, I say. I'll be graduating soon, moving out soon, getting a new job soon, getting new toys soon, looking into the future, blinding and bright with hope and possibilities, pitfalls and traps, and I want all of it, I want to breathe it and smell it, live it and run into it, I want to burn with the power I have and the power it'll fill me with....I want it, I want to run into it.

Let's go.