Wednesday 23 October 2002 // 1436 EDT

Seeing: Autumn sunsets

Hearing: Avil Lavigne - Complicated

Touching: Black handwraps against a punching bag

Tasting:Fluffy scrambled eggs and toast


The world keeps turning, the sky's rearranging...look my son, the weather is changing...

Massive Attack never uttered finer words.
Things are changing around here. I'm gonna get off my ass and do the Novawerks redesign that I'd been planning on doing for a really long time now, and as soon as I finish the UM-EDMC website(which I'm not linking right now for a reason-cause it looks like ass) then I'm going to turn my attention over to Novawerks. I got the email a few days ago that I needed to re-register my domain or else I'd lose it, so I'm going to go ahead and do that, get some redirect email addresses and point them around...add that up with a new design, something fresh and new, something more simplistic but equally expressive, and viola! Art in motion. It'll be gorgeous, especially if I can manage to get it to look the way I want it to in my head. But we'll see.

In the meantime, I'm going to lay Osirus to rest with the end of the current design, and invite everyone to join a new group, something different and something pointed, something whose purpose is plain and straight forward, something well defined, and something beautiful-partially because Osirus has been around since the end of high school, and a lot of the people on it I'm sure don't read the emails they get, or have no idea what the deal is-so I'll set them all free and let the people who are really interested join and get the things they're looking for. It'll be good, really good.

Anyway, in other news, Natalie chastised me for being so harsh in my posts a few days ago, and she's right, I probably shouldn't have been, but for anyone who's reading, especially people my comments might be directed at, take my words with a grain of salt. Sometimes it's the only and best way I can vent about something that's built up, or sometimes it just comes to me and when I have the opportunity to vent and I feel good about it, I take it. He who expresses great anger and bitterness can also express great love and compassion, never forget that. In some cases it's not always true, but I like to think I'm a double edged sword like that. I'm not offering any apologies, I'm not making any excuses, but at the same time I'm not lashing out. That's all I have to say about that...well, it's actually not, but I'm learning to watch my mouth a bit. ^_~ In the end, I look at it this way: If you have something to say to me, then I'll talk back...if you're silent and let your actions speak, then I'll let my actions speak also. Our actions are really what's more powerful anyway, and I'll listen to those over any words anyone ever says. That's why sometimes it's not even worth speaking. The end.

In still other news, it's really hard to find a really good pair of pants; especially because my body size has been fluctuating because of the's the most exhilarating thing to be working out like I am, it's stress relieving and spending an hour in the gym every other night is actually really refreshing and enjoyable. I don't think I'll go tonight though, I have a ton of errands to run; I need a haircut and have to go buy some oil and pick up my prescription and get some mouthwash and know how it is. Somewhere in there I'll remember to cook and eat dinner. Maybe I should just prowl around the woods near our house with a spear. That'll take care of the whole grocery shopping bit. Actually, I might have to do some of that this weekend, but I know my parents are coming to visit me this weekend, so it might be nice to go with them, especially because as long as I chip in with the coupons, they'll pick up the bill...I mean I won't go wild or anything, but it'd be nice. And I get to spend time with my mother and father, and I miss them a lot. I haven't seen them since the weekend before the weekend before my birthday, and I miss them a ton. On top of it all, they say they have a birthday present for me. ^_^

So I'm thinking of using a format similar to LiveJournal for my new journal in the new novawerks and splitting stuff between that and a separate writing section that'll be updated almost as often...that way I can vent about my life whenever I want to, and at the same time when I need to write a freakin novel, I can put it somewhere where the whole world isn't subject to it if they don't want to read it and just want to know how I'm doing. Good times. I pretty much just wanted people to have the ability to comment on my thoughts and posts, and the ability to make filters so some people could see what I want them to see, and some people can't read other things...not to exclude anyone, don't worry, but sometimes I want to vent about something that's pretty potent and I don't want the world to see, sometimes I might not want anyone to see but it'd be nice to write it all down. I'm thinking through the new design pretty thoroughly, I want it to be attractive and I want it to be something fresh and I want to learn a lot from doing it; I want to use new tools and learn new scripting languages and I want to stretch the limits of my knowledge and learn new things.

In the meantime, it's about time I dropped the money on my certification classes; that's something I've been meaning to do since I was still in college; and now that I have the income to do it with, I'm definitely going to get trained for and tested for the certifications that I can only mean good things. And with people like Nat pushing me to do it(even if I really want a CD/mp3 player for my car instead), I'll have it out of the way in no time, and next thing you know, I'll be certified. I just hope I don't put this one off like I did my turntables...

So haloween is coming soon; got an invite to a party that night, I think I might go for that, sounds like a lot of fun...but I'll miss all the trick or treating kids around the neighborhood...if there are any, what with the sniper roaming about. ::sigh:: We'll just have to see. Then again, I wouldn't mind throwing back a few with some friends at a party rather than waiting for non-existant kids. We'll just have to see.

Anyways, next time the sniper shoots someone and throws traffic all out of whack, I'm taking the day off werk. Tired of wading down I-95 through all of it. If everyone else is gonna live in fear, I'm gonna make the best of the morons. I mean, I was at a gas station a few days ago replacing a wiper blade, and one guy urged me to "Hurry up, bro," as a kind gesture that he was worried about my safety, and another woman was crouched, walking along the space between her car and the gas pump while she removed the pump from her car, put it back in the cradle, and got back into her car and sped away.

I swear. Americans are such pansies. ^_~