Wednesday 24 October 2001 // 1632 EST

Seeing: Videogames much better thanks to my new GeForce2

Hearing: Workplace chatter and keyboards clicking

Touching: A fresh box of tissues

Tasting: Birthday cheesecake

It was definitely a good birthday.
A very good birthday. I hung out with people, went to see Katie and we hung out in her apartment, played with her cat, and sat around watching lots of latenight television and news and other strange movies and catching up...I wound up staying there until about 6AM when I had left the house to see eMily at about 9PM, hung out with her till about 11 or 12, then swung by Katie's....I stayed there till about 6AM, when I decided I should go home and get some sleep for my classes that started at 11AM...that was a rough day, but hey, that's what days after birthdays are all about, being rough and recovering...let me tell you I got home as soon as I could and went to sleep. But I got some money from my parents and a green stone with the kanji for "friendship" carved into it from eMily, and Katie is still working on my gift...::blush::...but hey, I went all out and bought myself some gifts...I ordered my GeForce2 that I spent over an hour installing monday night, and a yet to arrive Yamaha 16X10X40 CD Burner and an IBM 40GB Drive....I'm thinking about ordering some new RAM from somewhere, probably wherever I can get it's looking like the stick will only cost me something like 21 dollars, and shipping is another 4 dollars. Heh...that's like nothing.

Anyway, it's been fun, this past weekend was booked solid, sorry to people I haven't been out to see lately..Wednesday was awesome because it was my birthday, and Friday I headed up to Metatrack Studios for the EDMC takeover up there, and had an awesome time, much love to Juliette(aka Zelda) for letting up come up and play with her toys....that was just awesome. Anyway, after that we all went back to Phil and Ilya and Camille's place and got royally trashed and hung out...there were a good dozen or so of us there and we all had a really good time...I wound up not getting home until something like 1AM the next day, for a variety of reasons, being drunk not included. That was a fun night. Then I got home for all of a half hour before I had to shower and run out to see eMily and go to RenFest, and since it was the last weekend and neither of us had made it at all this year, we went and had a good time. One of these days I'm actually going to have a costume and I'm gonna dress up. After RenFest, I went home, crashed for a while, and then had to get back up after like 2 hours, grab my records, and I spun out at Tim and Brooke's apartment-warming party....I was intimidated by how many people were there, but they made me go get my records out of my car and spin on the tables Tim picked up...turns out he actually got them because someone told him to take them, not that he lifted them, heh..way to go Tim. But I spun that night, and boy did I spin...I threw down a kick ass set, it was so awesome...throwing Bill Cosby routines overtop of things and whatnot, I had so much fun and I pretty much went through my entire record bag. It was fabulous...I was the last to leave, but not before I eat a little more of that yummy spanish rice he had at the party, and I definitely need to head back there to play on their tables again was really awesome. And then Sunday I wound up sleeping lots, and then I went and hung out with Tiffy some at her new apartment, since I hadn't seen her in forever...we promised to take each other out for dinner soon as a birthday gift, what with hers on the 10th and mine on the 17th. Then I came home, caught up on email a little, and went right to bed. It was fabulous. Got up on monday and went right to werk.

It's been okay since then, I'm not doin too bad. Pretty happy, pretty chill, and things are goin my way. I'm looking forward to my packages coming on Friday, I just hope they're not as much of a pain to install and operate as that damned video card was...but hey, how much trouble could a new harddrive and CD burner be?

Anyway, the EDMC meeting last night was kinda cool, I enjoyed running it in a lot of ways, and it was fun...thankfully however, we won't be doing it too often, since 7:30PM on a tuesday night is kind of a pain since I get out of class at 5:15PM and want to go home...but anyway. It was cool, and things are looking up. I get paid this weekend, so new car stereo, here I come! And if I have some cash left over, I'll even buy that stick of RAM....I should think about getting my ticket to Radiate sometime soon...and renewing my cellphone contract, but then I want to go in and see if I can get a new phone....

...and eventually get around to paying my credit card bill. ;)