you think I'd leave you down when your down on your knees... i wouldn't do that

24 November 2004

Change is inevitable, and the only permenent thing in our lives is impermeance. I hear it all the time, I remember it, think about it, and try to keep it in my thoughts when I'm in times of upheaval, and for the most part it works, unless I'm horribly worried about something. This isn't one of those times. There's a lot to do before Raevyn and I move in together, but it's nothing that we can't handle one way or the other. But that's not really what I meant to ramble about today. More close to my mind are all the things I kind of want to remind myself that I'll do when I move in with her that I don't want to forget I'm committed to.

Being in a long-distance relationship makes it kind of hard to have your weekends the way you want them; that is to say you can't just roll out of bed whenever you want to on the weekends and act like you have nothing to do; when the weekend is the only time you have to see your loved one, you get accustomed to trying to fit every possible activity and adventure you could possibly have with them into the small period of time in which you get to be together. If Raevyn is coming to my place for the weekend, it's a 2 hour drive from my place (after 1-1.5 hour drive home from werk) to hers, then we load up the car and drive another 2 hours back to my place. We'll usually stay up way too late enjoying each other's company, puttering about on our respective computers, watching TV, eating, what have you. We'll crash out, then get up way later on Saturday than we planned, and find ourselves rushing to do whatever we want to do that day; fighting sleep deprivation from not just the previous night but from the entire week, and racing to get where we want to go before various businesses close. We'll generally then retreat home or up to the Paper Moon Diner and enjoy the evening, before again rushing to bed so we can rest before getting Raevyn back home and pulling another 4 hour round trip the next night. If we go up to her place, the 4 hour round trips become 2 hours one way, and we generally get more sleep and do more hanging out, but we're still eternally rushed. I've said a few times before that I'm f'n tired of being tired all the time, and I'm also f'n tired of being rushed all the time. I'm sick of not having enough time to spend to do everything I want to do, or having to duck into stores just before closing time or not getting enough sleep. Raevyn feels the same way, I know-we glanced back at some of our old emails (yes we're dorks and save them) and noticed that not getting enough sleep seems to be a theme for us for a long time, and it doesn't really have a lot to do with US, per se, just that there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

So getting back to moving in together; this is where that comes in. I'm hoping that while moving in together will give us the opportunity to be together all the freakin time, we also selected a location that's close to my job, and very accessabile to mass transit, so even my non-driving-at-the-moment baby can find a job that's hopefully metro accessible as well. This alone will kill commute times, a big reason why we selected the location we selected. With the time spent on my commute (and hopefully hers) and our weekend jaunts back and forth between our current homes, I'd specifically like to get back to some of the things I love to do that I've neglected to a great deal because I haven't had time to enjoy them, or do any of them at all.

For example, I'd love to get back behind my turntables on a regular basis. I know my skills have gone downhill since I put together a mix, and while Plastic Bohemia still exists and is streaming all the time, I haven't had a mix or demo to speak of in a really long time. I want to change that. I'd really like to spend some time working on my music collection; I've been meaning to rip all of my CDs to mp3 and make some awesome playlists, mix CDs, and beef up my iPod. I've been meaning to relax a bit more, maybe play some more video games if I have the time, something I know generally calms me down and makes me feel a bit better about things-don't be fooled, video games are awesome catharsis...until you play too long and start having dreams about the game. I also would love to get back into writing. I have poems flying around my head and not nearly enough time to sit down and write them. I don't know if I want to go down the webdesign path again right now, especially since I have so many domains I've been meaning to develop but just haven't had the energy to. (and besides, there's awesome free blogging software out there for that)

Also, I'd like to see my friends more often. I've been neglecting awesome people like Tim and Brooke for way too long, not to menion the guys from Bumhouse, where I used to live, where if I wanted there's a weekly LAN party waiting for me. As much as I love Raevyn, I'd like to have some time to see my old friends as well, and as of now the commute has me too wiped one weekdays, and because I love my Raevyn so, I spend all my weekend with her. This isn't bad, it just creates a situation where someone gets left out. Speaking of which, I'd like to take some time to head up and see my parents more often. It's been months since I've spent time with them, and even then it's usually only a weekend or so, usually holidays, and I'd like to drop in on them a little more often, especially when I don't really need anything or I'm not obligated by a holiday to poke my head in. Besides, mom's cooking owns and she always sends me home with leftovers.

Also, with expenses like massive cellphone bills, auto maintenance, gas, and eating out all gone because Raevyn and I will be living together (even though some of those expenses go back up when you consider our rent and new bills) altogether I should be in a more advantageous financial position, as soon as Raevyn finds a job in the DC area. This means I can pay down my short-term high-interest debt (read: credit cards) focus on paying down my long-term low-interest debt (read: auto and student loans) and additionally invest in my future. (read: save for a house, invest more money)

These things I'd like to do. and hopefully will once I have the time. Now we have to figure out a way to get all of our Philly friends down for a housewarming party. Hm. Maybe we should unpack first. Actually, come to think of it, maybe we should MOVE first. Details, details.