Friday 26 April 2002 // 1607 EDT

Seeing: The place I used to live

Hearing: Southern Hemisphere -- Ocean Dreams

Touching: Two new pillows

Tasting: Leftover Chinese


Well, it's over.
I don't believe that I don't live in Columbia anymore. My permenent address is this place in Pennsylvania now, it's kind of creepy. I grew up on 6062 Majors Lane...I'd lived there since I was 11, since 1990. And now I'm on my way. For the first time for real in my life, I'm living on my own, doing my own thing, and I stopped by the old townhouse on Majors Lane on Wednesday to have dinner with my parents, help them pack up a few last minute things, clean up a bit, and say goodbye...I signed my name on a wall inside my closet-hopefully they won't find it to paint over it:

Alan Henry
1990 - 2002

I'm gonna miss that place. I stood in the foyer a while before leaving just to reminisce a bit...remembering what the stairwells look like and the carpeting, the kitchen and the way the cieling looked, the way my room looked and the way you used to have to walk down the stairs to the you could stand at the top of the stairs and look directly down into the basement...I'm going to miss all of those things. It's gonna be something leaving them all behind. Really something. I made so many memories in that house, learned so many new things, had so many new experiences, learned so many new things, went through so much...I'm really gonna miss that place. I found out that they're about to rent the place right back out to someone, so on May 15th there'll be new tenants in the place. ::sigh:: Funny how that works, huh?

I really get to close one chapter in my life and move on to another.

The new house in Pennsylvania is really nice, I like it a lot and it's really pretty, it's huge and there's plenty of space for everything, I mean, it'll probably be the biggest space I've ever had to myself(my room, I mean) and the house is probably the biggest I've ever lived in, but the rub is that I dont really get to live in it. I'm staying in the place in Adelphi until I graduate, and then it's off to Hanover to live with Rob and his siblings, and hopefully Mo when he moves in after the summer. Out on my own, one-hundred percent. Now all I need to do is be more careful with my funds so I can buy the turntables that Dave has been meaning to sell me. I swear, what wit moving out and having to buy food and everything, it's been taxing on the old checking account, but hopefully I can bounce back and afford my cool new gear. It's only a month until graduation, and only really 2 weeks until the end of the semester, so I'm buckling down for the rush...I need to do well in Physics to get my degree, the rest of my classes can die, but I want to do well in them too...we'll see, the moment of truth is coming.

In the meantime, Katie has been keeping me rather busy, which I appreciate-getting me out and about and not sitting in my house playing video games and whatnot, although I manage to get a little Dungeon Siege in every now and again...the new Serious Sam game is a lot of fun too, but it totally owned my graphics processor....and then of course there's a whole mess of games I've downloaded but not really played yet. DS has taken up a lot of my time, and the new Counter Strike 1.4 patch has really switched things up, so I think I'll be playing a bit of that for a while. But in the meantime, I'm trying to get out and spin out some more, I was talking to Juliette(aka Zelda, owner of Metatrack Studios) and I was asking her advice on how to keep up the faith when it comes to spinning, and she told me that the best things in the world to do are to record yourself to see how your skills are coming along, and to get out in front of people and read a good audience. So I should be at the Edge in June, hopefully on the night that's NOT competeing with Ultraworld's Starscape, but we'll see about that, and I'm going to be spinning out on the mall before the Art Attack festivities, which you should hopefully have more information about on the EDMC Website shortly. Maybe in the fall I'll be ready for a Buzz takeover! Imagine that, getting to spin at Buzz, heh, little old me. I think I have it coming, don't you?

Anyway, thanks to Raevyn for being so awesome lately-she and I have been talking a lot online and everything, and she's really someone special, and a lot of fun to talk to, I wind up chatting with her something like every night about everything from spirituality to music...she's a cool one, go check out her journal, she's a lot of fun. One of these days I'm gonna go up there to wherever it is she lives in PA and say hi and chill and talk. Regardless, it's way too much fun to read her journal and comment, so you should do the same, she's a trip, and way too much fun.

In the meantime, I should go home and do laundry tonight. I think I'll wind up hitting a houseparty or something later on, and that'll be fun, but I wouldn't mind completely if I just got to stay home all night....oh well. Katie and Art are coming along, so it won't be a waste of time. Tempted to head down to Buzz tonight and take advantage of that cool discount they're giving Buzz list subscribers on HFStival tickets, since Buzz is gonna be in charge of the Trancemissions Tent this year, but even with the discount it's a ton of money, money better spent on turntables, if you ask me.

I can't wait to move into the townhouse in Hanover...I have so many plans and things I want to do when I get there...archive stuff from my computer onto CD, reformat and mess with my macintosh and turn it into a little design bitch, get some updated software and put it on there, turn it into a fileserver if I can, make some decent space for myself, you know, get my tables and set them up and everything, but I can't do any of that where I am now...I mean, no offense to the place in Adelphi, but it's got to be the smallest room I've ever lived in...which is okay, because the rent is cheap and I only needed a place to crash so I didn't have to commute to and from York, PA to get to class and work. Not that work is an issue anymore, since today is my last day with OIT-they're laying off all the student employees, but I think I've talked about that's not all bad, everyone here will miss me, and hopefully if anything turns up they'll drop me a line and I can come back as a full-time employee.

I'm seriously closing so many chapters in my life and opening new sections, waiting to be some ways I'm sad that these things are passing me by and that they're ending, that I'll never quite have the same experiences again, graduating college, moving out of my house and being on my own, leaving my job at OIT, but at the same time, I'm excited that there are fresh, brand new things waiting for me, new jobs, new places to live, a new life...

It's really gonna be something. Let's get started.