Thursday 26 September 2002 // 1735 EDT

Seeing: Spirited Away

Hearing: Solar Stone - 7 Cities

Touching: New shipments...every day!

Tasting: Joe's Pizza and Pasta



Yeesh, it's been a while since I updated this thing. I keep meaning to, but then I dn't get the time to at all...stupid work and making me actually do work.

Anyway, I've been pretty busy as of late, if you couldn't tell, but then some of you have managed to spend so much time with me it's not even funny, but I don't I keep telling you, if I didn't want you monopolizing my time, I wouldn't let you, heh. Anyways, aside from getting up and going to werk every day, trying to make ends meet(and succeeding), and trying to find a nice median between social life, personal life, and's working out nicely, although I still have a few things I want to work on, but I'm happy to at least know what they are and what I want to do before I do it. I never seem to get home on time, so I think I'm going to go over to the Campus Rec Center and get a membership so I can work out after werk in the afternoons and then go home...maybe I can convince Nat to come work out with me, or at least nag me to make use of my membership. Aside from that, I've been working all the time, and if you didn't know already I got my turntables and a messload of records I ordered online, and my vinyl wishlist is all but filled, with the exception of a few things that will be really difficult to find, or I'll have to have shipped to me from overseas. Either way, that'll be happening when I get the money for them.

As for the geeky side of me, one of the coolest shows on TechTV, The Screen Savers is coming to Arundel Mills on Saturday, so I think I might go and sit in the audience and see what's up. It's only for a few hours, so I think it'll be kind of fun, besides, I don't have anything else to do on Saturday afternoon early. Since they closed Buzz, I don't really have anyplace to go on Friday night, so I'll probably chill and spin or go hang out with kids. Sunday Nat and I will probably head down to Anendale, VA to hit up the Computer Show. Who knows what the hell I'll be coming back with, heh. It'll prove to be a nice weekend, hopefully fun and relaxing.

Oh yeah, some of you have been curious what I've managed to procure lately in the way of records, so I decided to make you a little something: Record List so you'll see what I have in my new shiny silver record crate, so enjoy...enjoy almost as much as you will when I spin them out sometime soon.

Aside from that, things are going pretty well, I don't mean to come off like I'm haughty or anything, but things have been pretty good so I haven't felt the need for catharsis via writing in my journal..that and I think subliminally I've been trying to make less work for myself in the way of redesigning Novawerks when I get around to it, since I'll have a ton of pages to move over and whatnot when I actually get around to the transition and the redesign. We'll see what happens, hopefully by that time I'll be a bit more comfortable with Dreamweaver and that'll make it easier. Work is a bit stressful, but isn't any job? At least I don't mind getting up in the morning and going to werk...especially since tomrorow's both friday and payday. Remind me to not spend too much, eh?

All of that aside, a while ago I was feeling kind of down because I thought I was wasting energy on some things in my life, like I was sending out energy, so much attention and effort, and I was getting nothing in return, nothing nurturing, nothing on the other end, and then I kind of came to my senses and realized that giving energy of yourself isn't about getting something back, it's about knowing that you can ground yourself and get in touch with the power within, get in touch with your surroundings, and realize that all the energy you need is flowing around you, through you, and you just need to use it....and I've been trying not to think too much about things gone by and the other things happening around me-fate has always had this uncanny way about her that she takes the things that would hurt me away from me, she takes them out of my life and doesn't let me think about them, doesn't let me worry about them, and rarely confronts me with them, and she's doing it again...I'm pleased. No weeping over the past, since there's nothing about it you can change, and no weeping over where you are today, because you have to make the best of what you've got. Weep for the future that you haven't planned for, that you haven't made the best of, that you let come and go without making the best of. That's what you should weep for, and weep for yourself, not for me...I've got enough tears and I'm not shedding one of them until I have a real reason to.

Last weekend was nice, since I managed to spend the whole weekend with my parents-it was my Dad's birthday and I wanted to be up there for it, went up friday night and stayed until sunday afternoon-it was really nice, relaxing, and's good to spend time with my parents, they always have good advice, good things to say, and they're always really cool to hang out with...Saturday morning we got up and went to Gettysburg to this little strip mall kind of outlet thing and I bought way too many clothes...met the cutest girl ever in the Pac Sun up there, remind me to go back and give her my number sometime, she's a cutiepie and she really took care of me when I was looking for clothes. Something about meeting her resonated with me, and I think it resonated with her too-I would have outright given her my number and email addy, but my parents presence was a bit much for me and I was too nervous. Oh well, next time.

All in all, it was a good birthday weekend with my parents, and I came back to play with my turntables and wait for my new records to arrive, which managed to do that every day from monday to wednesday...monday one shipment came, tuesday another one, and then wednesday the record carrier was really nice to get so much stuff in the mail. And tomorrow, I get paid, so I can start the process all over again, heh. In the meantime I'll just bide my time.

Things are excellent in the house, by the way, everything has pretty much settled down and are relatively relaxing; the dog is gone so people are welcome to come over, and the cats are really friendly, if not mildly neurotic, and I'm probably going to go ahead and pre-order Earth and Beyond, the game that I beta tested that all but monopolized my time for a good while. I'd like to get back into it. In the meantime, I'll just have to amuse myself with the old know what I mean, so I'll spare you the further geekness.

So nothing to do but move forward, yes? I'll try and do better about keeping you posted. Interesting things are happening every day, I just don't talk too much about them unless you're stay in touch, eh?

I'll see if I can pencil you in, heh.