Tuesday 27 August 2002 // 1017 EDT

Seeing: Long brown hair through the darkness next to me

Hearing: Kylie Minouge - Love At First Sight

Touching: New curtains, new doormat, new stuff!

Tasting: Turkey Guacamole with Bacon from Quiznos


Okay, maybe Quiznos is my fave sandwich place, they're just hard to come by-not too many in the immediate area, and it's not a bad drive to get to one on my lunch break...but some days I think it'll be worth it. Maybe today. We'll see how I feel when it comes lunchtime.

Anyway, to point. This past weekend we were completely without internet access, so if anyone missed me, that's why. We have it back now, but we didn't while I was at werk yesterday, I meant to update then, but I didn't get a chance. Anyway, we have network access at home again now, and Jas is all happily moved in and everything, and the house is clean, well arranged, all the stuff is being stored in Amy's room, and the place is pretty much all finished-our arrangement is perfect and I'm thrilled about it...it took us ALL weekend. Rob woke me up at 11AM on Saturday and we started cleaning, we kept going until about 2AM Sunday, went to bed, he woke me up again at 11AM on Sunday, started cleaning again, and wound up doing that, finishing up, and other assorted projects, like starting to build our network again, until something like 4AM Monday. I'm surprised I managed to get up for work on Monday. But I did somehow, after sifting through all of my Magic: The Gathering cards and putting them away, vaccuming, doing a few other things...it's nice.

Last night, I stopped by a few stores and picked up a few things I wanted, a curtain rod, some detergent, some blank CDs, you know the drill. I collected my stuff and went home, got in just in time to find out that we all had network access back thanks to my old computer and some serious boredom on the part of Rob and Jas-they essentially turned my old computer into a Linux DHCP server, instead of using either of our routers to distribute the internet connection. Definitely genius. So I got myself all nice and comfy at home, my new desk, my new chair, friends all around, and the place is actually organized really well. I'm pleased with the way things have turned out. Emily(California Girl) came over around the end of the evening and stayed the night, it was the first time I'd seen her in about a year or so, and it was good to be able to spend time with her-she and Rob had a good little argument and that was amusing, but all in all I stayed out of it and chatted with jas a bit. Emily and I wandered downstairs and chatted a bit while I took some of my cards out of the big over-stuffed binder I was keeping them in, and put them in different binders, decided to put off installing my curtain rod and putting up new posters until today, curled up in bed and wandered off to sleep. It's really nice sleeping next to someone, especially when there's nothing implied or expected of you...they're not looking for responsibility, they're not looking for compliments, they're not looking for sex, they're not looking for anything except a warm body to sleep next to, and that's something I can provide without even thinking about it.

Today I woke up, drove Emily home, came to werk, and now I'm thinking about things...I told Emily last night that I was planning on catching up with a lot of people I feel like I've neglected, and that's something I think I should get on with. I've been meaning to call Beth for a while, and Robyn, and a bunch of other people I want to hang out with and maybe stop somewhere and get a drink with-but we'll just have to see. I'll make the phone calls, all you guys have to do is answer.

Forever's gonna start tonight, kids.

I've said it before and I'll say it again-I've got too much going for me to be bogged down by other people's sadness or weakness. I have my own sadnesses and weaknesses to be bogged down with. I had a nice long talk with Raevyn about a lot of different things, and her unique brand of wisdom and energy is something that's more than inspiring, more than enlightening, more than wise...she helped a lot, and I always appreciate talking to her. Gave her a call a while back and talked about how things are going, what's new in our lives and how things are going, and just airing out everything in both of our heads was in itself a wonderful opportunity, and being able to sound off of other people helps a ton also. She's going through some tough times about now, what with being in a torso brace and not being able to really go to werk, since she took a pretty rough tumble down some stairs, but on the upside it means she's usually online in the daytime to chat with, and still awake at night to give a ring.

Natalie has been a huge source of inspiration also-always willing to chat, a good friend, and someone who always has good advice for me about pretty much anything, I've kind of relied on her to be there to talk to-I probably shouldn't, but she's a wonderful person too with a lot of light in her, and she's too much fun to sit around and talk with. She's the kind of person you sit and say "I'll meet you after werk and give you this CD" and wind up talking to her outside for an hour and a half, but it's a good conversation, and you like that. She and I need to make a ritual of doing lunch or something when she's living on campus and I'm working here. It'll be nice.

Anyways, now that I've exalted some of my friends, I need to get back to me, ironically enough-back to mine. I'm sitting on a conference call between a customer and a system admin, listening to them talk back and forth between themselves, and waiting for the chance to get out of here and go to lunch....

In the meantime, I'm going to turn the volume down on my headset(the customer likes to shout), and relax a bit...I've got a lot to do, and I've got to get started. And that's right-I'm not just not talking about work, or my lunch, I'm talking about my god damned life, and I'm going to get started.