Friday 27 September 2002 // 1655 EDT

Seeing: Sweet dreams

Hearing: Maria Nayler - Angry Skies

Touching: Spinning records on shiny platters

Tasting: Salmon-y Lox-ish finger sandwiches


As much as I love this job, sometimes I'm bored. But that's what you guys are for, right? I can kill all kinds of time sitting here and updating my site, it's actually a lot of fun to get my thoughts and feelings out like this. Anyways, speaking of how much I love my job, I had a conversation that went something like this:

Him: "It shouldn't be taking this long..."
Me: "Well, I just had him send the email to himself; and it could take a while to work it's way back to him..unless you were concerned with.."
Him: "I was talking to him..." ::points at someone else::
Me: "er....AMNESIA DUST!?" ::waves hands in front of his face::

Welcome to the OIT Helpdesk. Just a little tidbit of the insanity that is the place I werk. Anyways, it's the weekend now, and I can go home, sleep, spin, play video games, do whatever I like, and I'm really looking forward to it, actually. Some time off to relax and do fun stuff, and not worry about werk and the like. Although I do need to draft a memo for my proposal to my boss to evaluate our issue resolution kinder words, shape up the procedure and the scope of support around here, it'll be good to do, if she thinks it's worth the effort. I think it'll work out nicely, and be a good project to work on. Aside from all of that, it'll be good to lay down and chill for a bit. I just hope traffic isn't too bad on the way home today; it wasn't too bad on the way in, what with the IMF/World Bank protests today, and since most of them got arrested anyway, traffic should be light going home!

About the protests and the politics, I make a point not to really discuss those things with people, but I'll just let on by saying that not only was I thoroughly amused by the almost 600 arrests over the course of the day, and how noone seems to be talking about the "point" they were making by being arrested or actually talking about what they stood for, in favor of discussing the damage to the city they incurred and how they generally made light nuisance of themselves to the city workers, residents, and business owners...hmm...kind of makes you rethink the whole thing, doesn't it? Maybe history will look back more favorably than the local media.

Aside from that, I have two newspapers in my backseat and I need to read both of them. In the meantime, here's to me getting home in good enough time that I'm not tired off my ass, and even if I am, I can take a nap and wake up late I can still stay up and play. Then tomorrow it's up and off to Arundel Mills for some more random fun. Maybe I can talk eMily into going to get a drink with me somewhere sometime soon, I could do with going out for wings and beer or something fun like that. Or maybe even Nat, considering she doesn't drink.

Anyone else want in? I'll buy you a drink.