Friday 29 November 2002 // 0242 EST

Seeing: Diplomas On The Wall

Hearing: Mj Cole - Rough Out Here

Touching: Shiny Powerbook G4

Tasting:Thanksgiving Dinner!


Now a boy could get used to a toy like this. I'm playing on the G4 Powerbook that I snagged from work for the break…too bad I can't manage to get the thing online, apparently Suscom broadband is stupid and I can't figure out how to configure the laptop to get past whatever guards they might have against that kind of thing. Who knows. Either way, at least I get to play with it, and that was essentially the whole reason I wanted this thing.

Anyways, if you didn't catch on, I'm in Pennsylvania visiting my parents for the holiday extended weekend-it's nice to get away from the hassle of UMD, no doubt about that, but at the same time I kind of miss that I'll be missing out on some of the big things happening this weekend, the Lazy Dog tour comes to DC this weekend, Kickdrum is throwing Soyuz this weekend, and I'm sure I could have found some way to pass the time sitting around the house playing video games, but I'm actually happier that I came up here for the holiday anyway. It's quiet, relaxing, and oh so beautiful up here…sometimes I wonder why I don't come up more often.

I need to take more pictures.

Anyways, my parents managed to hang up my diplomas in my room…it's kind of flattering. I was sitting here getting to some of the things that I've been meaning to do lately, like finally start to look at apartments and places to move to…don't get me wrong, the guys at home are great, but they're just not the kind of people that I really see myself living with on a long-term basis…now that I have my own job and all I'd like a bit more space, and while I'll miss the companionship, I won't miss the messy kitchen and the cat fur everywhere and disgusting bathrooms and on and on and on…and I'll finally have a place to put things like my turntables and my computers and everything…hmm. I have to remind myself to ask mom and dad where the hell Bladensburg, MD is…and what exactly it is about Hyattsville that makes it so cheap…

I mean, only having to pay 300 a month is wonderful, but I'll gladly pay more if I'll have my own space and everything. Like I was saying before, maybe I'm just not meant to have roommates. Oh well. I need to sit down and make a list of the things that I want and how much they'll cost to obtain, then how much I need to put away in savings in order to move out as quickly as possible. Money stuff has been kind of rough, but I think it'll all get a ton better as soon as I start vigorously keeping track of my finances again-I had slacked off when I was making decent money, but I need to get back into the habit of putting every transaction into my computer and keeping track of how much I have in the bank that way….too much SunTrust weirdness goes on too often, and I have NO faith in them whatsoever, not to mention trust.

I'm thinking it might be worthwhile to try and get some sleep. I think I'll do that, and get back to you tomorrow. Too bad the power outage will keep me from uploading this until Saturday probably, but no worries, I'll write more in Word if I really feel like it. Besides, this Powerbook is too sexy to put down for too long…I keep making excuses to do things with it.