Posted on Tuesday 28 February 2006

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Kids today have no respect! (I know, I know, I’m hardly an old geezer) I mean, look what this 12 year old did to this gorgeous painting! Sheesh. Seriously though. The poor kid. I mean, 12 is old enough to know better, when I was a child my parents and I travelled all over Europe, and by the time I was that kid’s age I had been through the Louvre, and to the top of the Eiffel Tower, to a genuine Oktoberfest in Germany, bought a pair of wooden shoes in the Netherlands, and been deemed the “cutest thing ever” by a Dutch milk maid, which I think is not only a crowning achievement, but definitely something I’ve considered putting on my headstone when I die. I know, sounds like I’m gloating, and to a degree I am, but the point here is that when I was 12, I definitely knew better, so don’t give me the “he didn’t understand” argument. I think plenty of 12 year olds know better; but I will leave the door open to him just not understanding how severe what he did was. That’s a little different.

Anyway. Hazelnut coffee is love, and the day has flown past ever since. I spent a good chunk of time on a few lengthy stories over at Gears and Widgets and Not So Humble which certainly helps pass the time.

In other news, looks like Comcast is up to its old tricks and overselling bandwidth. That figures. I wonder how much of that they do around here, considering it’s got to be making them a killing to do it. Worst part is that they’ll continue to get away with it even if people complain-as long as their call center agents refuse to let you speak to a supervisor, ask you a dozen times if you’ve restarted your cable modem, and your letters to Comcast go unanswered or worse, like mine were, responded to with a ridiculous little “We’re sorry” card, then we’re all screwed for net access. Seriously, between this kind of behavior, the obvious unwillingness of telecomms to bring fiber and higher speeds to customers, and then above all interfering with municipal wifi by pressing the federal government to outlaw it unless they’re involved, I envy government-owned ISPs more and more. But then you wind up worrying about what you get to see and what you don’t get to see through the eyes of state-owned ISPs. Can’t win for losing, I suppose.

So. Resolution update behind the jump, for those interested in such things:

Web //
** Split up Pleasant Tingle into two (or more) blogs

** Migrate Millennium Winter to WordPress or EE

** Update the Novawerks.net homepage

Media //
** Begin digitizing the media collection

** Build a MythBox for DVR Goodness

Personal //
** Create a comprehensive budget

** Create a diet and exercise program that works for me

** Cook a lovely meal at least once a week

** Find another school and subsequent doctoral program

Werk //
** New job

So there we go. I’m still sniffing around for a new job if things don’t really turn up here, and I’ve found a few doctoral programs I’m interested in, although they’re a bit cost prohibitive and I won’t be able to look into them immediately after finishing my Masters. The ones with no notes underneath them I obviously haven’t started, but that’s easy enough to fix. The redesign of the Novawerks homepage is kind of on hold now that I’ve changed the font so it’s at least legible for my Macintosh friends. I might see if I can smooth out the header image while I’m at it. If I can do that, I won’t bother redoing the whole page…unless I get bored. I was also thinking about redoing Plastic Bohemia at some point…I even have a wordpress theme all picked out for it.

And Apple’s Announcement of a new Intel Mac Mini that can be connected to your TV just made me very very happy and, providing there’s some DVR software for the Macintosh, might resolve my DVR woes in a very attractive package. Then again, I really should build one myself. So conflicted. In the meantime though, I think it’s time to rip some CDs to my music collection and tag/rename the other mp3s I have. That’ll be quite the project.

Oh, and the butterflies? I just emailed one of my tech journalistic heroes, Xeni Jardin to ask her how she does what she does; that is to say, how she managed to become such a prominent tech journalist. She probably gets tons of email, especially tons from people like me, and I’ll likely never hear from her, but it was definitely cool doing so. There were butterflies all up and down my stomach when I hit “send.” I’m such a dork.

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    March 20, 2006 | 4:52 pm

    […] Remember a while back when I wrote one of my geekly journalistic heroines, Xeni Jardin to ask her advice on getting into tech journalism and whatnot, and she wrote me back last night. I got back from a long long drive, settle into my chair, and lo and behold, as soon as I had given up on a reply, assuming that she was likely far too busy or probably got tons of email like mine, there it is in my inbox. […]

    September 18, 2006 | 1:52 pm

    […] Speaking of which, I need to do more of that. Okay, speaking of it all-part of the introspective trips I’ve been taking have taken me way back to an old post of mine where I laid out my new year’s resolutions, and I remembered that getting a new job, or at least a new job role with my current company, was one of my resolutions. Here we are in mid-september, and I was curious to take a look back and see how I’ve been doing with them, and I was actually kind of pleased with the results. The comparison’s below the jump: […]

    January 1, 2007 | 8:40 pm

    […] With it being the new year, it’s time to look back at my resolutions for 2006 and when I revisited them. I had accomplished a lot of them by the time I took my look back in September-redesigning several sites, splitting off the then-defunct Pleasant Tingle into Not So Humble and Gears and Widgets, the latter of which has been a point of conversation in job interviews as well as the key that led me to my freelancing for Ziff Davis Media, and writing for Gearlog. […]

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