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Posted on Thursday 2 March 2006

sense :: hearing // Ben Watt ft. Estelle – Pop a Cap in Yo’ Ass

So the girl has me reading Death Note, and since I’m only finished the first volume, is an amazing manga. I have to admit, I’ve been getting into actually reading manga more and more lately, and I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m just now really getting over the post-college reading slump.

What is the “post-college reading slump” I describe? Well, let me put it this way-when you read nothing but physics textbooks and scientific journals all day every day, when you don’t have to anymore the desire to pick up a thick tome just isn’t quite there anymore. But I could never shake the desire to be an avid reader like I always had been, even up to college, because I kept collecting books I wanted to read but were just too afraid to devote the time to. Instead I sated myself with magazines of all sorts, tech, anime, culture, you name it. From Scientific American (which I still have a subscription to) to Playboy (whose subscription is running out and I probably won’t re-up) but more famously from PC World to MacAddict, I’ll read it all. It was my way of getting enjoyable paper reading in (I’m completely discounting the vast reading of blogs and newsites I do every day) and sating my appetite while absorbing easily managable chunks of information. But lately, and specifically thanks to the Harry Potter series, I’ve been able to get over that.

Anyway, this new interest in manga is probably going to really hurt my wallet come Otakon, but I’m already hooked. Today’s research shows that Death Note is still running in Japan, and they’re up to something like 40 volumes. Damn.

In other news, I fell off the Transformers bandwagon a while ago, but this Transformers 1800s-steampunk thing that’s coming down the pike looks pretty freaking hot.

Also, because I absolutely love The IT Crowd and apparently so does BoingBoing, I wonder if I should pick up one of these shirts that honor a gag in the first episode. It’s Cafepress though, so I dunno about quality.

I wonder if there are many alternatives to Cafepress. I have a bunch of sticker and shirt ideas I’d love to print.

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