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Posted on Monday 29 January 2007

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It’s been too long, I’m afraid. I wish I could say I took something of a delightfully relaxing vacation or something, but then I’d be lying, and I don’t like to do that. very often, anyway.

A lot has happened since I had the opportunity to write. We broke our bed…again, and had to buy a replacement. I managed to repair the current one so we have the replacement sitting in our storage room, waiting for the inevitable moment when the current bed finally breaks again, but at the same time as breaking the bed is a cause for bragging rights, it’s awfully expensive bragging rights considering each time we get to go to Ikea to get a new one. At least this time we wound up finding some pretty nifty ottoman things that would fit perfectly along the wall in our living room that desperately needs additional seating. The best part? They open up on top to provide storage as well! How cool is that?

Okay, I think it’s pretty clear I’m a design nerd. Speaking of which, we’ve been in our place for coming on two years now, we really ought to put something on the bedroom walls. The computer room is set, the library is set, even the living room and music rooms are set, but the master bedroom is sadly bare-walled because we wanted to make sure we decorated it in a way we’d both like, considering it’s such an important room and we both share it. We still haven’t seen too much that we really want to put on the walls in there, but I had a thing for some beautiful paintings we saw at Otakon last year, inspired by traditional Japanese wood block art. We’ll see if the vendor is still there this year, or head down to his showroom in Georgetown someday.

In other news, I had to lay down a ton of money on a car repair, and the dealer went ahead and tried to fleece me for the 90,000 mile maintenance knowing it would probably be the last time he saw me (it’s the last manufacturer scheduled maintenance for the vehicle) and my car’s now out of warranty. Sadly, because the repairs were so expensive, I’m thinking about a new car. Maybe I’ll wait a year and see if I can pick up a hybrid Nissan Altima since there’s a whole world of rumor that one will be showing up this year, with all the techy bells and whistles under the hood as the Prius, which I’ve also been ogling, although it won’t get quite the milage that a Prius gets. Still. Good stuff, zero emissions.

We had our first anime night, thanks to Zach and Laura, which we proudly rang in with episodes of Escaflowne (I’d all but forgotten how much I love that anime) and a few shorts from Mystery Science Theater 3000, which was a pleasure I had long forgotten, sadly. I love that show so much. Either way, we all had a blast watching anime and laughing and getting sleepy as the night wore on-Wednesday nights are pretty tough, what with work the next day, but it was a good time. We’ll have to do it again, soon!

Other than that, I have to admit a blushingly embarrasing newfound love for cheesecake. And I don’t mean of the edible variety, although I could certainly eat it up. I’ve had a penchant for erotic art lately, of all kinds. It’s remarkable how intellectual the fascination has been, and it’s had me prowling sites like DeviantArt just to see how many different ways people can interpret the human body beautifully. It’s really an enjoyable pastime, when I’m not reading. Speaking of which-I’ve extended that cheesecake fascination to Manga and other reading material, so I’ve picked up a few artbooks I bought here and there and have been reading far too much Because I’m the Goddess. Check out the covers at Amazon. You’ll understand what I mean.

Aside from that, the pile of reading material is growing ever so creepily and quietly next to my bed. But then, I only have so much attention to give, and now that I managed to hook up my PlayStation2 controller to my PC, I’ve been MAMEing the night away and rocking some Twinkle Star Sprites and Giga Wing, not to mention other cracked out top-down shooters from Japan that I used to love while living with my old roomies at bumhouse. One of them that I regretfully can’t remember has some art in the art book I mentioned just a little while ago. I’ll have to go home and find it. And then wreck my thumbs playing it.

Seriously, I played enough Twinkle Star Sprites one morning that my thumbs hurt the next morning.

I’m such a geek.

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    January 29, 2007 | 10:37 pm

    I’ve missed you! (Raevyn too . . . .) Trippy was gearing up for his trip to DC to spend Valentine’s Day with Nancy Pelosi . . . but it seems she’stoo busy for love these days . . . it’s hard on him that she’s rather be on a fact-finding mission in the middle East than answer his voice mail messages. So . . . be forewarned. He may be depressed when he arrives.

    Escaflowne and MST3K? You just described our Boxing Day 🙂 I love the fact that “share the tapes” has progressed to torrents . . . some fabulous copies available to all the best ones . . .without fear of reprisal . . .

    Stay forever geek . . .

    January 30, 2007 | 10:31 am

    Aww! No worries, we’ll show Trippy a good time, even if we can’t snag a photo with Madame Speaker. 😉

    I’ve missed writing! I’ve had so much to say, stories to spin in my mind, and not nearly enough time to make them all happen. It’s a shame, but I’m trying to make time for it all.

    Anime and hilarity? Sounds like an excellent Boxing Day! In fact, that sounds like an excellent plan for any day-I could go for some of that right now rather than being cooped up in the office.

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