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Posted on Wednesday 28 February 2007

sense :: taste // Blue Moon Belgian White Ale

They rolled out the cooler again at my office today. Apparently there was a catered meeting and lots of alcohol was purchased for it.

Anyway, in other news, this photo’s been making its way around the net lately and I get no end of amusement from it:

grafitti is a fun crime

Click the link above for a larger view.

Another piece of news today that I derive no end of amusement from is Boston continuing to let fear prevail over common sense and blowing up a traffic counter chained to a streetlight today. This in the wake of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force promotional LED boards that also had Boston shaking in its boots, and well…looks like the terrorists have truly won. At least that city-owned traffic counter won’t have the opportunity to kill anyone now that the scared noble citizens and police of Boston have taken care of it. Moving on, apologies for the link to even a local Fox affiliate.

I just thought that was amusing. Also, I realized that in my last post, I didn’t provide any context for poor Rap Cat. It’s an ad for a two-sided drive through fast-food restaurant called Checkers which serves absolutely delicious burgers. If you have one near you, I highly suggest trying it. Their fries are pretty good too. I love fast food joints that don’t really taste like fast food.

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