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Posted on Saturday 8 November 2008

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Well, among other things, the election is over (with stupendously happy results), I had a nerve wracking but overall positive trip to the doctor, and now I’m looking forward to another major milestone: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King comes out this coming Thursday!

I’m a dork, I know. I really need to get back in the WoW groove. Things kind of died in our guild for a long while there, and now that there’s some new content and more coming, people have started signing in again and things appear to be picking up.

Anyway while I tend to keep my political thoughts over on my political blog, I can’t understate my relief and happiness over the results. The wave of euphoria that swept over the country (and angst, for my conservative counterparts) was palpable, and I’m still enjoying it. Go there and read if you’re of like-mind.

I’ve also bothered to start a moblog which I’m appropriately calling Lorelei Complex. I need to find a nice way to re-pub the photos here. Oh, and even though I mentioned it before, I managed to fix PhotoWerks. I already have a bunch of photos to upload.

In other news, things at the office have improved overall, but I think it’s because I have new batteries in my noise-cancelling headphones. I still have my gripes, but considering NovaWerks is rising in the Google search results for my first and last name, I think I’ll be a bit more metered in my criticism. At least until I quit the damned job, after which I might be forced to let loose. Trust me, I have enough to talk about. Like Pastilla pointed out so graciously over at Plurk: when I leave, I’ll likely wonder what took me so long.

Now that Halloween’s over, I’m actually looking forward to the holidays. My birthday seemed to go by in a flash, and I didn’t get as much time to celebrate as I would have liked, but I’ll make up for it during the holidays. I have a confession to make though: I don’t really like Halloween. I have too many bad memories and not enough good ones. Even as a child, I didn’t do too much trick-or-treating, and while the times I remember were fun, ever since I stopped trick or treating (because I was too old), Halloween became more of an adult’s holiday than a child’s one. When that happened I was caught between worlds – too old to get away with trick or treating, but the holiday being now oriented to people much older than myself. As I got older, I wound up having less and less to do on Halloween nights.

I tried to do the Halloween party circuit, and in college I had a couple of horrible Halloweens – one where I went to a party with Tim and his girlfriend at the time where I wound up sick from drink by the end of the night and stayed the night rather than head home. Another Halloween in college I was goaded into romping around campus in a terrible Zorro costume (eg, a cloak and a floofy hat) by a semi-girlfriend I was seeing at the time. Since then, I’ve all but boycotted the holiday.

To add insult to injury, where we live now is a beautiful neighborhood, but we get home so late in the evening from work that we miss the kids who go trick-or-treating. By the time we get home, the only visitors we may get are the teenagers with plastic bags without costumes.

So maybe I need to throw a Halloween party to bring my faith back in the holiday. Really dress up and be around people who are also dressed up. Maybe go to someone else’s Halloween party, or go to New York City and see the Halloween parade. I really want to love the holiday, I really do!

Anyway – charging forward to Thanksgiving, we have a lot to be grateful for this year.

Elections aside, Raevyn and I are sticking to our money-saving plan for the holidays, and spending what money we would have spent on each other on new computers for ourselves. I’ve already started to assemble parts, and I’ve been waiting for the release of Intel’s new Core i7 processors so I can snag one of those. I’ve got all the components figured out, but I’m waiting for the post-Thanksgiving shopping season to begin to pick up the rest of my parts, including the Raeon 4870 x2 i want. Here’s hoping that by the holidays, Raevyn and I will have new rigs to play with. It might be expensive to built these state of the art rigs, but my current system is something like 5 years old, and I’m comfortable with spending a little more to futureproof myself as much as possible.

There might be some money tossed around over the holidays on video games to play on those shiny new rigs, but other than that, we promised not to spend a ton of cash on each other this holiday season in order to save some dough. I still might give her a few games for her new computer though.

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    November 9, 2008 | 11:23 am

    oh man. if it helps, i don’t remember either that halloween party OR that zorro costume. let them die in obscurity.

    we actually stayed home to recieve trick-or-treaters for this first time this year – i had no idea home many we’d get. of course i managed to not get a pumpkin (having a baby will cause you to forget things), so I set up a large candle outside, to advertise we were open for business.

    there were a ton of kids, and some really great costumes, and they were all really polite – not the side of halloween i remember. we were watching _Constantine_ on TNT and I was drinking Sam Adams after Sam Adams, and brooke said everytime i finished giving out candy, I had the biggest smile on my face. i really did have a lot of fun.

    my favorite treater was a girl, probably 12 or so, with striped leggings and checkered vans slip-ons and a tattered long-sleeve henley, brandishing a Guitar Hero guitar – she was a punk. she commented on the candle, that it was a bit of a fire hazard, especially to younger kids. I told her that is was more along the lines of the lamest obstacle course ever imagined, and she responded, “I like the way you think.” that was my proudest moment of the night, i think.

    September 1, 2009 | 10:43 pm

    My closet is usally full of old costumes from years gone past. Many dress up parties and a few toss-aways from those nights when my girlfriend wants to “spice up” our relationship. Every Halloween is the same though. Who needs to spend money on buying a new costume? Just raid the closet.
    -Helfyre Tyrell-

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