and here i never knew there was a “right way”

Posted on Friday 10 February 2006

sense :: hearing // Half-Life 2 OST – LG Obifold

Target Australia apparently knows the right way to fold a fitted sheet, and lucky for us, they put it on the web. Seriously though, I had no idea there was a right way or a wrong way, but I’ll say this much-the Australian method seems to yield very attractive results.

Also, oh you wacky brits; what won’t you do to your countryside? Seriously, I wonder if that thing’s real, and if it is, there must be some very very bored young people in that town.

In other news, I think this has my vote for the coolest casemod ever. I mean, it’s bound in purple velvet and looks like a book, and the surface is etched with text; it seriously must have taken a lot of work and effort. That being said, I don’t think I’d ever want to put that much effort into a casemod like that.

Finally, if you have about 17 minutes to blow, I highly reccomend this segment from the british car show Top Gear. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything about cars to enjoy it, and you’ll definitely be entertained. Ah, a boy and his truck. And some mayhem. Lots of mayhem. But suffice to say, that truck’s got spirit; more than nearly any other car I’ve seen.

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