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Posted on Saturday 11 February 2006

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I don’t believe I had forgotten to blog about this earlier, but Channel 4 in the UK is airing a show called The IT Crowd. Perhaps the first absolutely honestly geeky comedy I’ve ever seen, I’ve watched the first three episodes something like 3 times each now.

The first episode is up on google video, if you want to take a look. The show follows the exploits of a pair of technology workers in their glorious basement office, and their IT manager who has absolutely no knowledge of computers whatsoever. Hilarity ensues! The show’s aired about 3 episodes now, the other two are available on bittorrent. (the title to the post is a gag from episode 2) Funny thing though, the British will let you download the show from their website about a week before it actually airs-trouble though you can’t download it if your IP doesn’t indicate that you’re from the UK. Lucky for the rest of us, there’s bittorrent!

I definitely dig the show though-it’s got so many of the elements of what being a real tech junkie is like. Except without the cool office. Or the lax dress code. Or the hilarity. Or well, any of the fun. But the show is definitely worth watching!

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