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Posted on Monday 27 February 2006

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Lovely weekend, even though our much anticipated trip to Ikea turned out emptyhanded. Ah well, perhaps later this week when they restock.

In other news, rest in peace Octavia Butler. I really can’t express how bummed out I am about this; she was such an amazing writer and a trailblazing person; I would never have even thought about writing myself if it weren’t for her, and often when I was asked to think about black authors who didn’t just write novels targeted at black audiences, she was the first person to come to mind. Her literary genius and amazing writing will be sorely missed. There are a few links to a couple of news sites in that BoingBoing post that do a much better job at heralding her life than I have.

Also bumming, although I can’t say equally so (but only because I wasn’t as great a fan of his as I was Butler’s) is the passing of Don Knotts also. Man, we’re just losing incredible talent left and right, and I sometimes wonder whether or not new talent is coming to the fore to make their mark in our times. Watching the closing ceremonies of the winter Olympics in Torino last night and listening to the injured-cat-like screeching of Avril Lavigne and barely making it through about 10-seconds of more hip thrusting than talent from Ricky Martin before changing the channel didn’t help me very much in thinking there’s actual talent out there, either. Seriously guys, it’s the Olympic games; surely you could have gotten some actual talent for the performances.

In other, lighter news, I was amused by this infographic describing what some people might wind up having to do if Research in Motion loses its court battles and there’s a disruption of service for the millions of people around the world who use Blackberry wireless devices. Sadly, if it does happen, I’ll be down there as the “underpaid minion” who’s told to “fix it.” Although I can’t totally claim to be underpaid though. Speaking of technology blunders, this blunder takes the cake. Do we really need another lesson in “think before you hit send?” I love how they mention that the IT department is looking at a way to pop-up a dialog that says “are you sure you want to send this message” after clicking send. I suppose that’s what a lot of technology is, though; saving people from their own ineptitude.

More later, with any luck.

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