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Posted on Tuesday 28 March 2006

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So apparently Io is out for delivery RIGHT NOW.

Yeah, I’ll be obsessively tracking the thing until the driver tries to deliver it and undoubtedly will fail, since I’m sitting at werk. At that point I”ll be able to call up and ask to pick the item up tonight or tomorrow, hopefully.

I’m trying to avoid freaking out over my new MacBook, and move on to other exciting things on the web today, like a new article that’s apparently telling me that green tea is better for me than I thought it was. Better brew another cup of tea, then!

In other news, I’ve recently been enchanted by liberal working-man musician Billy Bragg, whose music I enjoyed when I heard a review of his new box set on NPR a while back, and I totally fell for his sound and labor-rights politics when I heard him speak on the Kojo Nnamdi Show yesterday afternoon. Check out that show if you can, he does a few songs and answers some callers who try to pretend they love his music but don’t really like his pro-union politics.

Among other wonderful things I’ve heard on NPR lately was a wonderful story this morning about an incredibly old and incredibly huge turtle that very well could be the oldest living thing on Earth, and possibly a turtle from old Vietnamese legend. This was the perfect story to sit in the car and finish my cofee to before getting out and heading into the office this morning.

I remember when I used to dislike NPR; not because of the content, but I didn’t really like the format of the stories with the little blurbs of music in between them; I thought it was unprofessional as compared to the hit and run blasting of story-after-story-after-story that I got on some of our local AM radio, but over time I’ve fallen in love with it. Last night after a story about inaccuracies in gas pumps, they played a bit of Classical Gas, which I thought was hilarious. They do stuff like that often, and it’s a challenge to recognize the songs and their relation to the story you just heard. It’s definitely amusing, and over time I felt that NPR’s slightly slower pace and more meaningful stories as opposed to the headline-reading of some of the other stations was a bit more refreshing and informative. Something I could really listen to as the day went on. Thank goodness I can catch it online.

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