overcast skies are my favorite

Posted on Friday 14 April 2006

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It’s overcast today, just a little. Dark enough that I don’t need my sunglasses, but bright enough that the streetlights are out. My favorite weather.

This morning, as we drove out of the parking lot and off to the road for that whole werk thing, I was astounded by the beautiful pink blooms of the dogwood trees that line our street. Perhaps this weekend I’ll get outside to take a few pictures to show you guys; they really are beautiful. After I got to werk and parked the car, I was able to sit for a little while and look out of the windshield at the traffic going by in either direction, paying less attention to the cars than to the leave and fresh white and red and pink blooms of the various flowers and trees that finally, are really starting to come into their own. The world really is waking up from it’s quiet slumber, not that it was horrifically cold this winter. People are walking by wearing less and showing off more, and the trees are doing the same thing. The birds are nesting (and indeed, we have a pair of sparrows that are nesting in a gap right in between the roof of our house and the wall of our neighbors; it’s really heartwarming to see them fluffed up on lookout, or flying back with paper and twigs to build nests with; it’s something glorious to me, that even our cast-offs, our litter and our trash, from plastic scraps to loose paper, bank recipts and those little plastic strips that circle our bottle caps, all become important and irreplacable elements of a bird’s home. It gives me hope.) and the trees are waking up, ready to open their arms to the world and give us the shade we so richly appreciate when the summer sun beats down on our heads. It seems every being on this side of the planet is waking up, dressing up, and getting ready for our celestial dance, humans completely included.

These dances, the spring strut, the summer foxtrot, the fall samba, and the winter waltz, all acted out by beings great and small all over the world; they exicte me, entertain me. I love watching the birds flit around the trees chasing one another, chirping madly; to listen to the robins singing in far-away trees, and at the same time I enjoy watching the blushing long-haired girl brush her hair out of her face and look longingly at the boy standing across from her doing his best to pretend to be suave and sincere but just failing to keep his hands from shaking from nervousness as he gestures wildly while speaking to her.

I remember dancing myself; the bittersweet quest to find a dance partner, and then the bittersweet dance itself; the bittersweet sensation of seeing others with their dance partners, the bittersweet loss of your dance partner, and the bittersweet sensation of knowing your dance partner will be there to dance with you again soon, and then again, and then again. Around this time of year it seems we remember how to dance; suddenly we’re cleaning out our closets and rearranging our wardrobes, wearing less and speaking more, spending more time in the sun and the wind and less time on the job-the last place we probably want to be. It really is a beautiful dance, and I love it.

I love watching us dance almost as much as I love dancing.

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    April 17, 2006 | 10:38 pm

    ::sways to silent music::

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