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Posted on Tuesday 23 May 2006

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The weekend was nice enough; somewhat quiet and relaxing, and involved a little painting and a lot of cooking, both of which I was grateful for the time to be away from the office for. It’s odd, I really do feel more alive when I don’t have the prospect of having to go back to the office; it’s kind of saddening how extraordinarily soul draining my job is at this point. Anyway, I’m working on that.

So through my web travels yesterday I found this little web game that I think is an accurate representation of what its like to werk in technology. Okay, to be honest if anyone I werked with spoke to me like these people speak to “you,” the player, they’d have my resignation on their desk before they could close their mouths. That amount of disrespect is unimaginable, but it is supposed to be inflated-it’s a game, and for a job-searching website no less. Still it’s tons of fun. My favorite weapon is the pinata cannon. Definitely try that one.

Speaking of werk-related stresses, LifeHacker has an excellent article on de-stressing that I’m going to have to print out and pin to my wall or something. Definitely worth reading, especially if your job werks your last nerve like it works mine.

Finally, thanks to Tiffy, this image totally made my day. Yeah, we have a lot of people who would think like that around here.

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