Posted on Tuesday 20 June 2006

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So. The story of this guy who put a Mac Mini in their Toyota Prius makes me jealous. I would absolutely love to do something like that if I weren’t afraid I’d completely destroy my Prius in the process. Speaking of “my Prius,” I’m still slavering over the little guys, and waiting for the 2007 model year to turn around to see if I can snag one. Tasty. The geek in me wants bluetooth and a GPS nav system and steering wheel-based audio controls. Here’s to hoping my student loans don’t come due too quickly.

In other news, Pastilla sent us a package, like I said yesterday! I have pictures of all of the goodies to post and I’m gonna try and get those up soon. But thank you Pastilla! I can assure you we’ll be popping in the movie, curling up with the sesame and seaweed chips, and munching the green tea mousse pocky! Seriously though-I’ve never seen either of those two out here, so I’m drooling in anticipation. When I get home, I’ll have to link the movie.

So I’m planning on getting out for a late lunch, no matter what. I’ve been ditching lunch at werk in order to babysit installs and repairs and such for the past several days; today I’m off to Tower and Target for some lunchtime shopping. Seriously; I ought to get out of here to retain my sanity. I’m thinking about picking up a Power Squid to go next to my desk and replace my now-dead UPS; at least until I can get a new one or replace the battery. I know, I know, I should probably get a new one, but that requires either snagging one from work (and they’re heavy!) or buying a new battery (and that costs money!) and well, that’s pretty much that, isn’t it? (read: I’m lazy!)

The net’s been relatively quiet these days; it makes me wonder if anything really amazing really is happening out in the geek world; I’m looking for things to write about at Gears and Widgets, although I have to admit there’s no shortage of political news for Not So Humble. Speaking of which, I finally pulled the plug on my old e-zine, Pleasant Tingle, and forwarded the domain to Not So Humble. No sense in paying another company for web hosting just because they use the crappy, stagnant, archaic CMS that I was using at the time and my main host, Dreamhost, doesn’t. Ah well, the best laid plans. Now the question remains, what do I do with the domain?

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