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Posted on Wednesday 21 June 2006

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Among the gloriousness that I’ve stumbled upon at YouTube as of late include a full 9 minutes of an episode of Voltron, the opening sequence to The Transformers, a pair of blooper reels from the UK car junkie TV show Top Gear over at Jalopnik; the videos are here and here, both of which are madly hilarious, Rockwell’s one and only hit Somebody’s Watching Me, the saddest space invaders video I’ve ever seen (ah, the futility and hopelessness of war…a message I know too well) with great music, but such a sad message, and way more music videos of Dead or Alive than I cared to see. Seriously, a guy could waste all kinds of time over there.

By the way, for you WoW fans out there, today’s Penny Arcade is on point. here’s the link if today isn’t well, today, by the time you read this.

A couple of nights ago, Raevyn and I decided to watch a little TV before bedding down, and discovered the insanity that is Hell’s Kitchen. How should I describe this show…take some Iron Chef, then toss in a dash of Top Chef (of which my boy Harold won, not that backstabbing Tiffani-who spells it that way, honestly-who made it all the way to the end by being completely unremarkable aside from knowing when to throw her friends under buses-but I digress), add way more backstabbing and competitiveness a la any reality show that could worm its way onto Fox, and then pepper gingerly with so much profanity that bleeping the words isn’t enough, but they have to blur mouths too-and that still doesn’t keep you from knowing what they’re saying. I mean, wow. The show was like watching a train wreck; you couldn’t help but be compelled by its ridiculous moronity. Suffice to say I won’t be watching again, but then I’m not the type to get drawn in by TV; I’m sure plenty of people out there would love this kind of thing-me? I’ll stick with something less….well, less that.

I suppose now that we managed to snag a new TV for the bedroom, we’ve been watching more of it. I don’t really mind, but I’ve never been the type who absolutely had to get home for program A or B, although I know for a fact that if I had a TiVO, I’d probably record everything and never have time to watch it all. I’ll settle for TV on DVD; that whole segment of the DVD industry was made for me, lemme tell ya.

Speaking of which, maybe I’ll head over to Target again today at lunch to see if they have Good Eats on DVD. Well, at least the set we don’t have already. I absolutely love Alton Brown (and hope he’s okay, after his nasty tumble!) I also saw a Thundercats shirt over there that I want to get my hands on, but they didn’t have my size yesterday. No reason to believe today’s any different, but why not.

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