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Posted on Thursday 14 September 2006

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So upon doing my civic duty on the 12th of September (which was primary day around these parts, so after werk Raevyn and I headed out to vote) I subsequently felt much much better about myself-it was nice being a part of the political process, and even nicer supporting the candidates that I had been reading about and wanting to vote for for a while now. I have to admit, I’m enough of a political junkie that I was pretty sure who I was planning on voting for, especially in the major races around here, long before election day.

But my euphoria was dented by a brass gentleman (well, not so gentle) who, upon finishing casting his ballot and going to claim his reward sticker, brazenly said aloud “Do you have any that don’t say yo vote on them?” As you might know-every sticker you get after voting says “I voted,” in both english and spanish. Apparently this young man thought he was too good to wear a sticker that bore the language of those heathen immigrants. I could hear the hatred all over his voice, and it was less depressing as it was incensing. Thankfully, they had no such stickers, and he went to sulk in the corner while waiting for his friend to cast his ballot.

When I found out later that it was a mixed-party primary, I rolled my eyes as if it all made sense. Not to say only Republicans are like that, but…they’re definitely in higher concentrations. Moving on.

Exciting news, as I promised: I have a new job! I’ve been interviewing for a while now, looking for opportunities that would put me to the test, give me something challenging and interesting to do, and make use of my MBA-and most importantly get up and out of desktop support. I have to admit, I’m a bit burned out on fixing printers and setting up email, plugging in network cables and crawling under peoples’ desks-I’ve been doing it for something like 8 and a half years, and I’d like to move into another area of IT. If I need or want to do desktop support again, I know I can always come back to it. I sadly handed in my resignation today after talking to my boss about it yesterday, and it’s always one of the hardest things I can ever do. I never really liked my job, namely because it’s desktop support, but I loved this company, from the CEO to my coworkers. The new company is no slouch either, and they’re planning to pay me very well for the work I’ll be doing. The people there seem very nice and friendly, the dress code is casual, and the work sounds exciting and project-based. The only thing though: no office. Yet.

In other news, I’ve been busy werking on Gears and Widgets and Not So Humble, as well as keeping up with TechTV Forever, since that dreaded project I was talking about earlier has finally come to a wrap and let me get back to my other duties, albeit reluctantly-as with any project, you’re annoyed going into it, but when it’s over you don’t want to stop. Okay, that’s probably just me. Still. I had let some of my blogs slip by the wayside a bit since I was so busy, but I’m back to keeping up on them. Head over if you haven’t been there in a while.

On that note, I should get ready to go home. It’s been a very full day, and an even fuller and longer couple of weeks. I think the fog, even though I’ve been posting during it, is really starting to clear.

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    September 16, 2006 | 6:08 pm

    Ah, I do look forward to the day when you get to visit this part of the world, and hopefully stay long enough to meet the throngs of people like this “left trash” guy! (I just made that up; do you like it? : . . . “right trash” “left trash”)

    Not that there aren’t lots of the “right-trash get-this-Spanish-sticker-away-from-me” types here, too.

    The discussion at Metafilter was entertaining, though! Especially the guy who cited the Ann Coulter page, and reminisced about the days when the Internet all looked like that . . .

    Having said that . . . I am about to post some old html myself, and can’t recall if it will work here . . . if not, I apologize for perryloganing your page . . . and trust that you will have mercy.

    September 18, 2006 | 1:26 pm

    Seems to have worked okay to me!

    That being said, wow-that guy’s definitely…erm…impressive. I think I’ll leave it with that word. Sometimes, just sometimes, you’re scared of the people you happen to agree with…

    Also, I like your new terms; “left-trash/right-trash” is definitely added to my internal lexicon. 🙂

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