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Posted on Sunday 26 November 2006

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It’s been quite a week, I have to say, although the break for the holiday was more than welcome, it was absolutely necessary. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t get a couple of days off and away from the office. Even though they’ve since passed like a whirlwind, they were incredibly restful and relaxing. We visited my parents for Thanksgiving and did the natural thing for the holiday and ate plates brimming with delicious homemade treats. We stayed at my family’s for a few extra days, since we didn’t have to leave straight away as we normally do, and last night came home and immediately set to work on all the things we had to do around the house; cleaning out the storage space under our stairs and reorganizing it, throwing away our tons of empty boxes, weatherproofing the windows, things like that. It was remarkable how much we accomplished yesterday, including a three-hour drive in a car that’s been stalling inexplicably on me, even after replacing the spark plugs and air filter (she’s going in the shop tomorrow) so we’re quite proud of ourselves. We already managed to find all of our holiday decorations, so I’m looking forward to putting all of that up in the coming days.

Even so, I haven’t started my holiday shopping yet this year, and given the fact that the crowds and the pushing and the shoving and the violence was well on display on Friday morning (can you believe some of the stores around here opened at midnight on Friday? Others opened at 4-5am, and many places reported massive traffic tie ups on major roads because parking lots were full to capacity and more people wanted in. It was ridiculous…) I don’t specifically feel like I missed anything, but it never ceases to amaze me how crazy people can really be. I mean honestly, I really do think that in a number of years Thanksgiving will be completely replaced by Black Friday as the bigger holiday of the season. Why give thanks when you can get bargains?

They’re taking to calling tomorrow “cyber monday,” in honor of all the people who shop online. That makes me sad as well, especially considering the fact that I rather prefer shopping online to standing in multi-hour long lines and watching people getting beat up for stepping in front of someone else-I like to order things from the comfort of my computer chair and let the madness come to me on my own time-but even so, I might have to abstain from it tomorrow. Maybe I’ll make it a planning day-so I can actually make my lists and check them twice.

Ah, the holidays.

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    November 26, 2006 | 9:31 pm

    Agreed re: Black Friday leaking into Thanksgiving. Or Turkey Day, as people are wont to call it.

    The Buy Nothing Day website really hits the nail on the head about the religion that is consumerism . . . not much room for gratitude when the culture keeps influencing all of us to be perpetually dissatisfied customers . . .

    Hope the garage finds the cause of the stalling. And, that it’s not a pricey fix. Did they replace the wires when they did the plugs?

    November 26, 2006 | 9:44 pm

    I’m definitely a follower of the Buy Nothing Day mentality, even if AdBusters can be a little over the top for me sometimes. Regardless, I’m right there, it’s remarkable to see, wildly on display and in fact celebrated, some of the worst elements of consumerist greed on the DAY AFTER we’re supposed to be giving thanks for all the things that are really important in life (things I presume have nothing to do with the local clearance rack). Sitting with my parents watching the news, it was almost more horrific to watch the near-rioting and fighting going on at shopping malls and stores from coast to coast as people, at midnight, with a half-digested thanksgiving dinner in their stomachs, pushed and shoved and beat one another to get gift bags and 30% off an item that had been marked up 40% the previous week. It’s saddening.

    About the car though, I hope they find the root of the problem quickly too. I replaced the spark plugs myself, so no, I didn’t replace the wires (the spark plugs was an adventure for me in and of itself!) so that might be the problem too. Ah well, I’m an eternal optimist-at least I get to drive a rental for a few days! 😀

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