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Posted on Monday 4 December 2006

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This week we’re experimenting with not eating out at all. A lot of our spare cash goes to delivery and eating out and picking up dinner on the way home from werk, so this week we’re going to try cooking every single night, and I especially am going to try eating breakfast and lunch every day this week. We’ll see how it goes. So far, so good-I made sure to eat the lunch I brought, and I had a pretty good breakfast this morning, the only thing missing now is the full night’s sleep I wish I got last night. Ah well, the pains of a full weekend.

Friday wasn’t too bad, save the random power outages in the house-the power kept going up and down because of the high winds and storms passing through, so we caught what TV we could, lit the gas stove the old fashioned way and made tea, and essentially hung out waiting for the power to come back on. It was somewhat shortly thereafter that we realized that-and completely unrelated to the power-that Raevyn’s hard drive was slowly starting to die, and it was remarkable it had lasted as long as it did with so many bad sectors and disk errors in the event viewer. So on Saturday morning, after much wrangling and foo and trying to use Ghost to copy her boot drive to the new, bigger drive, (250 gigs of shiny free space) then trying to use the Western Digital drive tools (also failed) and finally settling in with HD Clone (which is freeware available from Miray software) which is great, but takes a very very long time, the copy should be complete by the time we get home tonight. Yes, it went all weekend, all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and it was at 97% this morning when we left for werk.

Saturday we did the typical errands, grocery shopping and a little holiday shopping in the meantime, but Sunday was the doozy; we had started putting up holiday lights on Saturday night, and finished the house Sunday around midnight. The house is gorgeous inside and out, but suffice to say we didn’t get a ton of sleep last night.

Still, in my sleepy haze, I managed to get started on a little side project that some of you know about, but I think I’ll let it take off a bit before sharing the good word. I’m a little hesitant to chat about it publicly, but if you definitely want to know, drop me a line and I’ll share-it’s definitely a dream come true, but I don’t want other things to be damaged because of it. Either way, when everything is in full swing, I’ll let everyone know.

Among other things, even though I haven’t had much time to play WoW lately, and the time I have had has been pretty much consumed by PVP because my guild is either never on, or always on with their alts or closer friends, which leaves no real room for Raevyn or I, I’m still looking for a decent build for my primary character-a level 60 hunter. One of my coworkers suggested the WoW Wiki talent builds guide, of which Raevyn’s already found a glorious feral build for her druid. Lucky. Not that many good PVP hunter builds out there.

In other news, I was passed the list of top 100 TV catch phrases a few days back, and while some of the predictables are on it, like “D’oh!” and “Book ’em, Danno,” I was really happy to see some more modern and risque ones on the list as well, like “Bam!” and “I’m Rick James, bitch!” and “Resistance is futile,” among some other excellent contemporaries. Good list, if you’re looking for a little nostalgia and a couple of quick laughs.

Finally, a couple of videos, because I love how this site looks with more visual content in it. Any Battlestar Galactica fans in the house?

I, for one, welcome our new roomba masters.

Last, but certainly not least, what have we learned from history? Certainly no one would let a giant wooden horse in their most secure gates, even if they’re told its a gift, would they?

I have to admit, the best part of the video was that the horse was complete with Trojans inside. Absolutely fabulous.

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    December 4, 2006 | 9:01 pm

    Huge BSG fan (except last night, the boxing one, which didn’t work for me at all) . . . roombas (chuckle) . . .

    I’ve already sent the Trojan horse video to my subtitling partner in Japan. Extremely funny. At least the Turks learned from history, eh?

    HD Clone . . . it’s time. I posted a link on forestdweller’s LJ for an external hard drive on Tiger Direct that I recently purchased (well, in the summer).

    re: side project . . . Everyone in our house is still thrilled for you . . .

    December 4, 2006 | 9:30 pm

    Thank you! ^^

    And yeah, the boxing episode didn’t really do it for me either…seemed like kind of an excuse to develop that one particular romance, and spend an hour doing it. I was fidgety.

    I thought the Turkish Consulate was the best part of the video! The Turks knew what was up! 😀

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