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Posted on Saturday 6 January 2007

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Okay then. I think I have some resolutions down pat and ready to share. It took a while for me to pin them down in my head and let them congeal to the point where they’re concrete enough to write down, and sure-some of them are similar to the ones I made last year, but only because they’re continuing werk or werk left to do. As usual, it’ll be difficult to find the time and the energy to tackle these resolutions, but if they were incredibly easy, they wouldn’t be resolutions, would they? Still, it’ll be difficult to take them all on with as little free time as I already have, but here goes nothing:

Web //

** Redesign Plastic Bohemia [ ] using the theme I already chose for it

Media //

** Continue digitizing media collection and extend to video

** Continue/finish collecting components for MythTV box for TiVO-like goodness

Personal //

** Continue cooking and eating a healthy diet, but exercise more regularly (perhaps an elliptical purchase is in our future)

** Redesign the budget to reflect the new job, and do a household budget for shared expenses

** Step back from media consumption and try to turn out original media

I think some of these are worth explanation. I’d been meaning to redesign Plastic Bohemia for a long time, moving it to wordpress, essentially scrapping the whole existing design (which uses frames…FRAMES! I’m so ashamed…) and installing WordPress along with a beautiful theme I chose for it over a year ago, I think it’ll help me get back into updating the site with new things, and maybe even extending that werk to the PB radio station (changing up the playlist, for example) and with any luck, actually spending more quality time with my turntables and recording new mixes.

The very last one, stepping back from media consumption in exchange for original composition and media, was inspired by a post by DBlume where he referenced Arthur C Clarke’s point that the temptation to consume media is overwhelming. But it’s not just in defiance of the mass of information that I’ll freely admit that I’m addicted to, it’s far more selfish than that. I want to be a part of the web community that doesn’t just reference the writing and media creations of other people, I want to create that content. I want to write not just blurbs and small articles related to other things I find on the net, I want to get back into writing more original opinion, original commentary for Not So Humble, original reviews for Gears and Widgets, and so on. I’ve done a lot of this before, but I want to ramp it up and not settle for what other people create instead. I don’t want to sit and watch the ball, I want to dance.

The rest? Pretty self-explanatory, I think. I think I’m already off to a good start, I have plans for things like the MythTV box, digitizing my media, exercising, redesigning Plastic Bohemia, and so on, but some of them are ab it more abstract, and I think that’s healthy-I don’t set myself up for immediate failure by saying “lose x pounds” or something like that, I just want to make a change that will contribute to a (in my opinion) healthier lifestyle. Not a bad approach, ne?

Of all of them, tomorrow I think I’m going to really get started on a budget. It’s first and foremost in my mind, and it’s one of the projects I really want to werk on this weekend.

That…and installing Vista on my MacBook Pro via BootCamp. I’m so so tired of my werk computer (a Toshiba Tecra 1.5Ghz Pentium M with 512MB of RAM) and I’ve heard getting a new machine at the office is like pulling teeth. Ah well, the new job does have its ups and downs, but that’s a whole other post.

Wish me luck, I’m going to go ahead and get started.

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    October 18, 2007 | 3:01 pm

    […] So what about the past year? I can’t say I’m like Raevyn, who thought that the 27th year of life was a pivotal year – surely Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, even Jimi Hendrix all left us at 27; but I wasn’t particularly aware of that. I look back over things like my new year’s resolutions for 2007 and think to myself that I still have a ways to go – I haven’t built my MythTV box, although I kind of wrote that one off (I don’t think the circuitry in our house can take another full-time computer, much less our electric bill), and I think I’ve done well at producing more original content than absorbing other people’s material. The budget’s been done and we’re doing pretty well with our finances (although I’d love to take some time off one day to dedicate towards financial planning and not just management), and I still need to stop slacking and redesign Plastic Bohemia. Still, I think if there’s anything I’ve really learned this year is that it’s very dangerous to become attached to the routine, to surviving, to doing the same thing all of the time. It’s a mindkiller – it makes you complacent and leads you back into life’s waiting room, as Raevyn calls it, as opposed to living it. […]

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