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Posted on Sunday 8 April 2007

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right now

It’s been quite a week. Werk has been keeping me more than busy, I’d say something more like frantically and frenetically occupied. It’s been more than busy, it’s been mind-bogglingly, frustratingly, constantly in motion. From the beginning of the week to the end of the week, things have been kind of up in the air. Last week I wound up kind of sick; as soon as we got back from a very special someone’s birthday, my throat decided to swell up on me for some reason. Nursing my sore throat, I wound up feeling better for a while, until my uvula decided to swell up to something like three times the normal size. Not knowing what happened, I wound up in the emergency room because I thought I had some fleshy or mucousy mass in my throat. At about 4am. Scared and worried that the doctor would have to shove something down my throat, I went to the emergency room with Raevyn, trying to figure out what the problem was. Turned out the doctor explained what a swollen uvula was, and prescribed me a steroid to help deal with the viral infection that had been bugging me from the get go. I spent the rest of the day home nursing my illness and werking from home, and in a few days, I was good as new.

In the process though, my throat, while feeling better, was somewhat dry and felt often parched – I needed something to soothe it. Water, tea, other cold and hot drinks helped, but only for a while, and then I went back to feeling kind of dry and uncoated, if you know what I mean. While we were grocery shopping last weekend, something caught my eye. I went through a morning smoothie phase for a while, drinking some Stonyfield Farms Smoothies in the morning for a while, and while they were tasty, they were kind of expensive and only came in a few flavors. In reality, I wanted something like it, but thicker – kind of like having a yogurt in the morning, but portable enough to take with me. I had all but forgotten about it until last weekend, when I discovered Kefir. More specifically, Fresh Made Kefir, from a local farm. Not everyone digs the stuff, but personally, I’m surprised I’ve gone this long without trying it. I downed the first bottle in something like a day, and subsequently stocked up. I’m on my second now. It’s great for a sore or achy throat, and delicious, too.

Just as well that I felt better at the beginning of the week though, as I mentioned before. Werk’s been keeping me pretty busy, and it’s been getting a bit in the way of my freelancing for Gearlog and AppScout. Hopefully next week will be a bit more stable and serene.

Right now? After a nice big dinner, I’m relaxing with a bottle of Blue Nun white – an artifact of my father’s tastes in wine, which doubtlessly was derived from our years living in Germany. Still, I can’t complain, because the wine is sweet and drinks smooth. Makes for a relaxing Saturday night.

The day, however, was another story. Raevyn got up earlier than I, and between her and our honored guest managed to rouse me from bed to head downtown to see the sights. Every year, Raevyn and I make a special trip to the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms and take in what we can of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, and our honored guest wanted to accompany us to see the blossoms as well as see everything else we could on the way. So fresh off of the metro, we headed to the Washington Monument, and then through to World War II Memorial, and then down to the tidal basin to see the blossoms. We missed peak bloom by about a week, but no matter, it was still gorgeous. We walked around the tidal basin, stopped off at the FDR Memorial – a memorial that seems to get more and more important each year we visit it.

We passed through, taking pictures the whole way, and headed up to the Jefferson memorial, where we were in time to see a rather chilly band by the name of Lucky Day, which wasn’t half bad, but similarly not much to write home about – the guitarist and bassist were amazing, the vocalist was good (I thought so more than Raevyn), but after checking out their MySpace and website I decided sounds much better after some post processing than she did live. Still, I thought they were fun to hear, they all had talent, and it was a lot of fun to listen to while we were on our way by. Then it was up to the train station to head home and take care of the weekend errands, like grocery shopping and such. A huge, full day.

In other news, I could use this guy on our display shelf downstairs. If anyone’s seen Raevyn and I’s shelf of dorkitude (a black bookshelf on which we keep all of the action figures, capsule figures, and little toys we’ve picked up from anime conventions and the toy sections of music shops and indie stores, including a bunch of comic book figures) then you know he’d fit right in. He’d just be…way more expensive than anything else in the house.

But anyway, back to now. A glass of wine, some aimless web surfing, and catching up on my blogging. Finally, a chance to relax.

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