firing on all cylinders

Posted on Sunday 3 June 2007

sense :: taste // Sam Adams Black Lager
trippy, pizza, and beer

I’ll be completely honest, it’s absolutely delicious too. Definitely deserving of number 16 on the list of best 25 beers in America. So on this very late evening, It’s about 4:30 in the morning, I’m sipping the last beer in the fridge upstairs, and wondering whether I’m tired enough to go to sleep. Either way, I think I’m ruined for werk on Monday morning, but I’m not too concerned.

Trippy decided to join me for a few beers and some pizza before we put him back in his lavish traveling bag and sent him and his bounty on the way back to sunny California. It just happened that in that photo, the beer we opened the night with was a Sapporo. Look for the new gallery of the evening’s photos (and Trippy hamming it up a little bit for the farewell photos) over at photowerks as soon as Dreamhost is finished whatever foo they’re up to and the site is reachable again. Okay, I shouldn’t say that – whatever’s up is likely not their fault.

edit: right when I was going to publish this, looks like everything was back up. Gallery of Trippy, my fresh Ledo Pizza, and a tall glass of Sapporo are over here.

Anyway, even with Trippy’s departure, I’ve been enjoying Raevyn and I’s jaunts into the city and surrounding areas to explore and experience all of the things that I should have seen years ago living here, so I don’t think that’ll slow down anytime soon. Just as well, it makes me feel like I’m making the most out of living here and actually doing something with my time and energy that’s not work or just sitting around the house. Don’t get me wrong, I have my hobbies; totally geeking out, World of Warcraft, cooking, I’ve even been meaning to get some quality time with my turntables (and redesign the woefully dated Plastic Bohemia), but altogether it’s nice to have some aspirations that don’t begin and end with a trip to or from the office. It’s so easy to get caught up in what Wil Wheaton describes as “survival myopia”, which is a hell of a disease. Getting up just to get to the office and going to the office just to get home and go to bed.

That’s a horrible position to be in, and the more and more I find myself successful at the office and drawing the praise of my superiors there and having them lay out elaborate plans for my moving up and succeeding in the organization, I worry so much about how difficult it’s going to be to keep that work-life line in the sand drawn clearly. To date, I’ve been doing very well – I don’t have to do much on-call work, and I don’t have to be up at the wee hours babysitting some process or script or something. Most of my work is managerial, so communication and writing is a lot of what I wind up doing, so if there’s no one to read what I’m saying, there’s nothing to be done. Thankfully. But my patience is tested often. I’m not one for social events in the name of “team building,” and we have one coming up. Torn between wanting to just stay in the office and deal with the inevitable work that’ll come up if I’m not there and my managers wanting me to make my presence known and felt and integrate into the team, it’s a difficult call. I’ll likely wind up going; I always have more fun when I’m in the middle of something and when I’m out and about than I imagine I will when I’m thinking about doing something beforehand (it’s the reason I love being in movies, but I hate the thought of going to one.), but it’ll be definitely something different for me.

In happier news, Otakon is coming soon, and I’m pinching my pennies to make sure that everything will be in order before we even get there. I’m looking forward to this year’s, and I won’t be shy with the camera, so expect lots of photos when I hit it this year. I doubt Raevyn and I will cosplay (we never do), but I’m still looking forward to seeing all the folks that do. My shopping list is woefully short this year though. I wonder what I’ll come back with. I’m still cheesed that the guy that sold me a Disgaea shirt from last year tried to tell me it would fit even though it was a size too small, and subsequently that vendor’s website has been sold out for over a year. Boo. Maybe I’ll find a replacement this year and put the old one on eBay or something.

Speaking of eBay, we have so much stuff to sell. We really should get on that and clear off the floor of our library.

So, to speak to the title, the past several days I’ve either been firing on all cylinders or not at all – it might have something to do with the amount of sleep I get, or how stressful the office is. A lack of sleep, some crankiness, and a bad day at the office, and I’m having a terrible, passive-aggressive day where I can’t stand my bosses, much less my colleagues. However, a little sleep, some Freefall in my headphones, a calendar free of pointless meetings, and a few tasks I can focus on, and I’m having a great day. Luckily most of those I can control. I have to remember to keep my headphones on at nearly all times. Maybe I should get a mirror for my cube. Better yet, a door.

In other news, I’ve falled in love with Diesel Sweeties. I mean, I always knew about the comic, I even tried to read it once way back, but could never really get into it. Now? it’s a whole different story for some reason – it’s brilliant, it’s hilarious, and I’m wading my way through the archives. And for those of you who read it, you know how deep those archives go. This is actually a blessing – I love finding a comic to read and then going through it’s archives. The more the better. Any suggestions?

The sun is still down, and the sky is still dark, but the birds are chirping.

That’s amazing. I really can’t say how that makes me feel. They know the morning before the light breaks. I wonder if people have that same sixth sense.

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    June 4, 2007 | 10:46 am

    “The sun is still down, and the sky is still dark, but the birds are chirping.

    That’s amazing. I really can’t say how that makes me feel. They know the morning before the light breaks. I wonder if people have that same sixth sense. ”

    I love the way you write 🙂

    June 23, 2007 | 7:08 pm

    […] Raevyn had another engagement this morning – hiking, I think – so I took the opportunity to do a little work around the house we had been meaning to get done. The laundry, replacing the shower rod in the master bathroom (it kept falling down at the most inopportune moments), shining my shoes (which were all manner of dirty), re-hanging the wall scrolls in the living room (My FLCL wall scroll and my Macross wall scroll both fell down!), generally tidy up and sweep the porch and foyer, pack up Trippy for his trip home (sorry we didn’t do that sooner, Pastilla! He’ll come bearing gifts, we promise!), and then settle down to start blogging away. […]

    July 28, 2007 | 9:40 pm

    […] Not before Otakon, where I had an amazing time for having slept so incredibly little and wound up meeting a number of fabulous people that I already miss, not before Raevyn’s birthday, which admittedly was during the con, but still a momentous event in and of itself, not before I managed to send Trippy back home for good (with presents for Pastilla and company!) did I have a chance to really explain everything that’s been spinning around my mind. […]

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