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Posted on Sunday 14 September 2008

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I’m sitting here listening to Freefall via podcast, and I’m particularly tuned into Dark Is The Colour – Sons Of The Snake, from the compilation “Space Oddities”: A Compilation Of Rare European Library Grooves From 1975-1984. I hear it’s on iTunes. I might have to buy it…which means reinstalling iTunes and all of the goo that runs under the hood on startup. Bleh.

Anyway, we spent last week essentially reorganized our living room, moving tons of videos and old VHS tapes into the storage benches we got to sit under the windows, moving our video games into the entertainment center under the TV, and assembling some new DVD shelves to put our massive movie collection in. We had been fussing over exactly the right solution for our DVDs for years now, and we wound up just buying more of the types of shelves we currently use for CDs (the kind I bought for myself years ago) and modifying them to fit our DVDs. Lo and behold, they worked perfectly, we only needed the ones we bought, and the living room looks gorgeous now.

Add to that some attractive standing paper lamps in the living room, and the place is not only well lit, but it feel like home, as opposed to this dark, cavernous room that we just couldn’t completely figure out what to do with. It’s a huge improvement, and all it took was a labor day weekend trip to Ikea.

Speaking of Ikea, I’m all about Ikea Hacker. I really love this headphone stand. My existing headphone stand is an Ikea paper towel holder, but I love how this one is bolted to your desk. Very nice.

In other home improvement-y news, we’re still looking for something to put behind the bed in the master bedroom (which, after all these years, is woefully under-decorated, and we’re thinking wall decals might be the way to go. Here are some more if you have some suggestions.

We’ve been all about putting things together with our hands and working around the house these days. The next big project will probably have to do with turning our old computer room/office into a real spare bedroom where friends can come and stay. I’ve also been looking over this list for tips to make the place a little more attractive and fun – some of them we’re already all over, but in some cases I wonder if we don’t have to get the basics like laundry and taking out the trash down to a science before moving to ideas like these. Even so, a lot of these are really good.

I also decided to use this nifty snowball-method spreadsheet to calculate how I’m going to go about paying off my credit cards. I don’t have as much credit card debt as some people I know, but I’ll admit that up until now I didn’t really have a plan to pay it off. Now, after fiddling with it for like five minutes, I do. Feels good.

In other, non-responsibility related news, since our trip to New York City for the Digital Life conference has been cancelled because the show was cancelled, we’re thinking of other things to do with the time off (that we’re definitely planning on taking). Maybe hit up RennFest and all-around relaxing. Maybe we’ll come up with something else, but if not, I won’t be disappointed.

As the winter approaches, we’re thinking about picking up some good deals on holiday-discounted computer components and building ourselves some new rigs, since our computers are getting on in years (4-5 years in computer terms is a really long time!), but I’m eager to get started with buying components. The new Intel processors we’re thinking about getting come out next month, so it’ll at least be a few months before some reviews and benchmarks are out for them, so we have some time to wait and see what happens. Patience is a virtue, I suppose, and the holidays can bring all sorts of news and product upgrades.

While I’m talking about spending all of this money though, I should probably handle the basics, like putting my car in the shop for it’s regular maintenance, getting my emissions inspection done, and buying some new shoes and cooler-weather clothes. Ah, responsibility. You’re never far behind, are you?

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    Tim Domestique
    September 15, 2008 | 7:58 am

    Space Oddities”: A Compilation Of Rare European Library Grooves From 1975-1984

    Sign me up, I’ll take two, please.

    And we are, too looking at wall decals for BABYROOM. I’m a bit aghast at the expensivity of them, though.

    October 3, 2008 | 10:57 pm

    Headphones are always more fun than car repairs.

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