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Posted on Friday 18 June 2010

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For those not in the know, I burned my wrist pretty badly last week – the day after my last post, actually. I tend to heal pretty quickly (go go mutant healing powers) so my wrist is back in action now, just really raw with reddish pink skin visible and the rest of my poor charred skin slowly peeling away. It’s sore and painful to the touch or to pressure, but thankfully I know how to treat a second-degree burn (not by research – I had a second-degree burn on my left hand back in 2002…through pretty much the same circumstances…hot oil will wreck you, take it from me) so I didn’t have to go to the hospital or anything.

I mean, let’s be clear – I could have gone to the hospital, but I opted not to because I burned myself at 10pm, would have gone to the ER and had to wait until someone saw me (even though I live close to the hospital, it would have been difficult getting there alone) and then had them treat me the same way I was treated in the ER back in 02 when I burned my hand. Thankfully that’s the kind of experience you remember through and through, so I knew to keep my hand in cold water, sleep with it wrapped in an icy towel, and then keep it covered and covered in antibacterial ointment and silver cream until your body recovers. I’ll spare you the gory details, but thankfully I’m coming around to normal, and hopefully in another couple of weeks I’ll have pigment back in it.

In other news, the week has been good, if not a little stressful what with everything going on at the office and trying to take care of my poor burn at the same time. As usual, I could definitely use some time away from the office, but alas, I don’t think I’m going to get any until Otakon comes around at the end of next month. Still, it’s something to look forward to, for the most part.

Speaking of which, I should pre-reg. Sheesh – still haven’t done that.

Aside from that, I’ve been doing a little work behind the scenes to get my writing in-line for better and brighter things. Still doing the usual routine over at Gearlog and AppScout, and thrilled to do it – my editor’s allowed me to post a bit more often, so that means I make a little more come the end of the month from freelancing. Supplimental income is good. Also, I’m on two separate assignments now for Tom’s Guide, so those will be tidy projects to turn in at the end of the month, thankfully.

Signed up for affiliate programs in a couple of places so when I link to goodies on any of my blogs, especially sites like Gears and Widgets or The Classy Geek, I can make a little bit if people click on them and buy what I’m talking about. Hopefully that’ll help a touch too.

Still, thinking about other places I can get my foot in the door. I’ve been a little troubled that I may be reaching my writing bandwidth cap, but I don’t think that’s the case – I think I still have some room to grow, it’s just getting to the point where it’ll be challenging to manage my time such that I can enable it. Right now my weekends tend to be pretty well eaten, and while I don’t want to change that right now, I might carve out a little more evening time to pay more attention to my writing time – and myself, for that matter, and get back on the DDR pads, for example.

If anyone has any ideas, do let me know. Always eager to take suggestions from friends or those who have some advice. It really does seem sometimes like I just don’t have the time to do all of the things I really want to do….unless I remove the things that I don’t want to do from my life.

You probably know where this is going – I’ve been reading things like Danny Choo’s “Pursue Your Passion” story, but I keep thinking I’m just not there yet. I don’t know if I’m at the point where I want to make writing a full-time gig, or I want to keep doing what I’m doing now and write on the side. I don’t know if moving to New York will enable me to take writing full time or not. I don’t know what the right financial situation that would enable me to do it looks like, although some of the things I’ve been doing are designed to help me get there. I don’t even know if I’m just letting myself be “comfortable,” as Danny puts it, waiting for something to happen to me instead of taking this thing by the reins while I have the time to do it.

I just don’t know. And I don’t know if I’m actually trying to find out, or if I’m sitting back and going through the motions without really giving it much thought, or if I’m just afraid there are too many significant external influencers on my life right not to keep me from making the leap that I may want to make.

Whoa. This got kind of heavy, huh? That was unintentional, but it’s good to have out in the open.

In any event, this weekend it’s up to see my family for Father’s Day, and to set up his gift. He’s already opened it, so it’s no secret that I picked up a ASUS VH242H 24-inch Monitor and a pair of Gunnar Computer Glasses to help reduce eyestrain when using that nice big new display.

The best part? I already know he loves it!

Now, I’d better go get a cup of coffee before I kick off this weekend.

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    June 19, 2010 | 2:57 pm

    You know we’re in your corner, Phoenix. Also, let me know what your dad thinks of the Gunnar Computer Glasses, I’ve been thinking about them myself.

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