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Posted on Wednesday 15 February 2006

sense :: hearing // The Beard feat. Amma – Keep Hoping

Whew. Well, that’s another resolution down. I finally managed to get my poliblog and geekblog up and running independant of each other, which means I can finally move away from Pleasant Tingle and to something new and a bit more…functional, to say the least.

For my politically inclined friends, you can find my musings, commentary, along with other news, stories, and analysis over at Not So Humble, and for those of you who are more geekly inclined like I am and hunger for technology content in the form of tips, tricks, info, and whatnot, head on over to Gears and Widgets for the hotness there. Good stuff, eh? I thought so!

Anyway, in other news, I think the Nissan Terranaut is probably the only SUV I’ve ever actually wanted to drive. Partially because the thing is designed like a Star Trek shuttlecraft, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Man that thing is sexy. There is a reason however the article is titled Pics of Nissan Terranaut Reveal Vehicle Perfect for Picard and his Crew.

Also, even though we’re all registered for Otakon, it just can’t be here soon enough. I seriously can’t wait-it’s one of the highlights of my year at this point. I can’t believe I didn’t go more often back in college; it’s way too much fun.

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