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Posted on Thursday 16 February 2006

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Oh yeah, it’s annoyance. Among the things that have been pushing my buttons lately are a comment thread over at Newsvine that was way too full of white privilege to possibly be real, and werk antics that have been getting on my last nerve. Luckily, I’ve managed to get the bulk of my homewerk done over the course of the day.

But on to better topics. I found a couple of good articles this morning on retirement and how to save money, one here from MSN money and the other here by Philip Greenspun and both of them are really good. Aside from making a point to save more money for my future (I already am, but it’s always good to learn more!) it’s be nice to really read a bit more about retirement. Heck, if I get my cards in order, maybe I can retire early! Okay, that’s a dream. Speaking of financials; have you done your taxes yet? I actually did mine last weekend, but I do need to take a good long look at my exceptions and deductions; if I weren’t in school, I’d probably have wound up owing money instead of expecting a big fat check. Naughty me!

In other news, some brilliant students at MIT have managed to put together a flying car! How cool is that!? Up to 500 miles and retractable wings? All of this on preimium unleaded? It’s really sad that more innovations like these don’t wind up in the public arena.

Ah well. I realize that’s two posts in a row that have cars in them. Really, I promise, I don’t dig cars that much. Unless they’re decked out on the inside with geeky goodies.

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