Posted on Friday 17 February 2006

sense :: hearing // Minus G – Airbourne

A quiet, overcast friday. Just how I like it. It’s even a bit windy; this is my favorite weather; overcast and windy. Makes it just dark enough outside that it’s easy on the eyes, and the wind is just amazing to feel. Love it.

I don’t own a Nintendo DS, but I thought that perhaps this video made as a Nintendo DS ad featuring the insanely popular Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney actually makes me want to buy a DS and get the game. I mean, that was so funny I started tearing up. And no, it wasn’t just good because I liked the guy’s name.

So I thought this story from Wired about a man who kissed his keitai (the Japanese word for cell phone) in what looked to be an orchestrated kiss with the person he was video-conversing with on the other end was heartwarming. Man, the future really is now, isn’t it?

In other news, I know people like truffles in their food, and I know truffles are expensive, but seriously this is just ridiculous. I mean seriously; the truffles are growing in there and the meat is rotting; that can’t possibly be good for you.

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    February 17, 2006 | 2:06 pm

    I like the way the universe gives you little subtle nudges. Phoenix . . . Attorney . . .

    I also saw one of the AXE scents is called “Phoenix.” (kuriimupan and his friends (12-14 set) are really into AXE spray these days)

    re: keitai kissing That would take some getting used to . . . seeing someone’s mouth distorted and all squished up against a screen would be kind of a turn-off for me!

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