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Posted on Wednesday 22 March 2006

sense :: hearing // Derrick Carter – Pagan Offering

So among other things, BoingBoing alerted me to a push in Japan to essentially outlaw old electronics for some horrifically unknown reason. There’s more information on the craziness in the comments of the blog that BoingBoing linked to. The masses took to the streets to protest, as they should, but seriously, what kind of law is that, anyway?

So since my last post, I’ve completely gone through the wallpapers section at InterfaceLIFT and downloading all of the wallpapers I liked. I’m still eagerly awaiting the shipping of my MacBook Pro, the extra battery and power adapter for it have already arrived and I’m thrilled. I think I’ll name it Io, after the Jovian moon.

See, and the geek is coming out in my now, but as an homage to my astronomical roots, I name all of my computers after celestial objects of some sort, and all of my storage devices after space probes. Meaning my main computer at home is named Ankaa (the named star in the Phoenix constellation), and the hard drive inside is named Endeavor. The hard drive partitions in my shoutcast/backup/music/file server (which is named Draco, after the constellation, of course) are Soyuz, Intrepid, and Sojourner. Hell, even my pen drive is named Opportunity and my iPod is Spirit.

Yeah, I really am a geek, aren’t I? Proud of it.

2 Comments for 'hands off my mixer'

    March 23, 2006 | 11:23 am

    That story from Japan is so odd. However, the middle/upper classes in Japan have dumped perfectly good electronics/appliances for a while (usually because of color trends in plastic), so the spirit of the new “law” may not be hard to enforce.

    March 23, 2006 | 3:19 pm

    Isn’t it strange? I thought the new law was kind of strange as well, and while I don’t completely know the details (only what the comments at that one blog say) it does seem to be something odd. I wonder if it’s essentially to stop the sale of old equipment that’ll eventually become waste? I can’t imagine why a law like that would be devised…

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