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Posted on Monday 8 May 2006

sense :: sight // spinning fan blades

I’m being incredibly prolific today. Probably in no small part to the fact that I’m trying to get away from the humdrum of the werkday. Well, the humdrum and the annoyance, but those aren’t necessarily two different things. The annoyances tend to be rather humdrum, so that’s just that.

So it looks like Kotaku, one of my favorite gaming blogs (as opposed to the Shack, which I read for comments but not necessarily for gaming news, although it’s definitely there and definitely quality) has gotten a redesign. Looks a little like Valleywag, which I also enjoy reading, but is absolutely painful to look at. I hope they don’t change the color scheme.

Anyway. In other news, The Skeletor Show has crazy potential. I just can’t watch it at werk right now. Man, what I wouldn’t give for a door, or an office of my own-you know, I’d even be happy with an office I split with someone nice. I got some serious desk envy when looking through the 90 or so photographs submitted to Lifehacker’s Coolest Workplace Contest. There are some seriously hot setups there, and seriously nice workspaces. I could only wish I had an office like some of these folks.

Someday guys, someday.

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